4 Warning signs to know if your power socket needs an upgrade

4 Warning signs to know if your power socket needs an upgrade

4 Warning signs to know if your power socket needs an upgrade

We regularly upgrade our homes with technology-advanced gadgets and appliances. From the latest smart TVs, smart switches and switchgear, voice-controlled virtual assistant AI assistants, etc. we have them all or most of the products. But, when fitting these modern appliances, most of us neglect to check the electrical requirement and overload it can cause on our existing power sockets.

In fact, we don’t even check the wear-and-tear of the outlets before plugging them into the power plugs. All these missteps can be hazardous and lead to a surge in frequency, thereby leading to an increased risk of electrical hazards like sparks and fire accidents.

Therefore, before overloading the electrical plugs, it becomes imperative to check its maintenance and also look for these 4 warnings signs to know if your power socket needs an upgrade

  1. Overheated power outlets

If you notice frequent overheating of the power sockets, be cautious as it is a sign that the electrical wiring of the terminals is not proper. In case of loose wiring, the electrical outlets will build up an extreme amount of heat which can then lead to tripping off the circuit breakers and even cause significant electrical hazards. Hence, it is essential to get routine maintenance checks of the plugs done to ensure they do not lose their gripping power and lead to overheating of the connecting wires and cables.

  1. Flickering lights

Many people think tripping is the only way to know that electrical wiring is at fault. But that’s not right. A notable symptom of outdated or damaged electrical outlets is flickering, buzzing or dimming of lights. It occurs because of loose wiring or when sockets cannot take the load of the appliances because of outdated voltage, design or wear and tear.

This makes the sockets highly vulnerable to short circuits that may damage property and in extreme cases, even life. Thus, always invest in high voltage power plugs.

  1. Discolored outlets

If you notice an outlet or the surrounding wall discolored, then take it as a flashing warning sign that your outlet may be burned, damaged, or improperly installed. Also, in case you see charring or soot on it, then at some point there was already a small fire inside the walls. Therefore, never attempt to use the faded colored sockets as it may lead to more short circuits or even fire. Further, cut the power supply of that particular socket or call for an electrician visit immediately.

  1. Aluminium Wiring

If your home is not a relatively newer construction, then the chances are that most wiring systems connecting to the outlets would be of aluminium.. With aluminium wiring, there is also a risk of house fires as it expands, and when it cools, it contracts which results in loose connections that can cause sparking and even fire hazard. But over the years, most homes have been upgraded and have accepted copper wires as they are the most conducive and highly durable material for electrical wiring. So, upgrade.

With the rising frequency of modern appliances and more gadgets becoming a part of every household, there is the risk of probable electrical hazard related to the power socket has increased. Hence, use superior quality and high-performance outlets and switchgear from renowned companies like Havells to make your home safe and protected.