7 Winter Hair Care Tips

7 Winter Hair Care Tips

7 Winter Hair Care Tips

Hair is one of the defining characteristics of humans. It is one of the things that act as a differentiator to give a distinct look and add character to one’s personality. Still, many of us take our hair health for granted. Though some may book a spa session once in a while, as a continuous regime, we use the same products, same routines throughout the year.

Therefore, today, we bring you 7 winter hair care tips to keep your hair in great shape. Let’s get started-

Use warm water to wash your hair

Though a hot steamy shower seems like a perfect remedy in winters, yet, washing your hair with it can cause frizziness, zap moisture and make it dry. Though hot H20 has some pros like dissolving the dirt, provides extra texture and encourages blood flow to follicles in the scalp yet, because of the mentioned cons, it is not recommended for a wash.

The ideal temperature for shampooing and conditioning is lukewarm. However, in case of greasy hair, you may turn the water to hot but make the switch occasionally this heat may damage the hair. Use cold water only for the final rinse, to seal everything after you’re done, but it doesn’t have to be ice-cold – choose a temperature that you can tolerate.

Commit to weekly treatments

The colder months dries your hair so, keeping them moisturized is essential. Thus, apply a leave-in conditioner or oil your hair weekly to hydrate and oppose the effects of hot styling tools.

Keep the conditioner on for about 30 minutes before washing your hair. Besides, apply a few drops of nourishing hair oil like Argan oil and Jojoba oil at the ends every day for replenishing your hair during the winter months.

You can also use hair masks, an effective way to provide hair with tons of benefits such as softening, boosting growth, adding shine, and even fighting off scalp infections.

Dry your hair when leaving the house

Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, use a good quality hair dryer to blow dry when stepping outdoors. Make sure you dry the hair entirely because damp hair and scalps in the cold weather may cause hair to break and even lead to split ends.

As a tip, always squeeze the excess moisture out with a towel and then use a blow dryer on the cool setting. While using a hot blower, ensure to hold the dryer at least 15 centimetres away from your hair.

Get regular trims

Regular trims are essential for healthy hair. This recommendation is mainly for people with long hair who get paranoid if a hairdresser comes close to them with a scissor. The fact is, it is vital to get your hair trimmed every four to eight weeks to short hair and 2-3 months for long hair to maintain hair health and to keep the locks looking fresh, every season. Taking a half-inch off from the bottom keeps it healthy and even stops split ends.

Avoid frequent hair wash

To keep the hair healthy, it is advised not to wash hair every day. Over-washing can result in stripping it of natural oils that help to keep them moisturized and protected. In winters everyday wash can lead to dry hair. So, try to change this regime to every alternate day and if your hair is still very dry, then every three days. You can also use dry shampoo, which can give you a fresh look without having to lose the oil.

Cover the locks

The cold weather can dry out your hair quickly, so invest in a satin-lined hat or a silk scarf. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your favourite cosy hat to protect your hair from repeated friction, breakage and static.


Keeping yourself hydrated in winters is necessary for hair health. During the chilly weather, the sweat evaporates more rapidly, and even the body’s thirst response reduces, which makes you feel that the body does not require liquid. This can cause dehydration, which in turn decline the conditioning of the hair. So, drinking enough water, at least the recommended 8-10 glasses a day to stay hydrated.

So, in order to have a fabulous mane all year long, invest in the right hair essential products and use a good quality hair dryer and hair styling kit. Check out Havells female grooming products for assured excellence and performance.