8 Oven Toaster Griller features to make your festival snacks a cracker

8 Oven Toaster Griller features to make your festival snacks a cracker

8 Oven Toaster Griller features to make your festival snacks a cracker

Festival is in the air, streets and homes have lit up, and a mild chill welcomes us early in the morning. Festivities also mean that we are going to load up ourselves with plenty of delicacies including snacks. We may not be able to control much of what we eat or our appetite, we can certainly ensure that the snacks we cook at home are healthy and fresh. For the modern kitchens of today we have Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) that runs on electricity and come in sleek designs and shapes.

Whether it is grilling kebabs, baking a cake or preparing a sandwich toast, OTG can do it for you with a press of few buttons to set the right temperature and time. You also have the option of preselecting recipes stored in the OTG for instant and convenient cooking. OTG is also a great way of reheating old foods like samosas and bread pakoras back to freshness. If you are out in the market looking for an OTG then the following features can make your life and cooking snacks a breeze.

Auto Preset Recipe Selections

We are extremely time bound these days. We don’t categorically scan through recipes from a magazine or read through articles online to make that one recipe perfect. In fact, we barely manage to take time out for cooking, even if it is a regular but delicious recipe.

Modern OTGs have preset recipes stored in them that you just need to select, put the food inside, and wait for it to sound the buzzer. These preset options allow you to cook a variety of recipes if you are far from being a master chef. Be it a pizza, grilling chicken, toast, baking a cake, cookies or cooking potatoes, your smart oven can recommend and set the right temperature, timer, and apply optimum heating to give you the best results.

Cooling Fan

Despite sounding a little odd for an OTG, a cooling fan performs a very essential role of keeping the OTG free of excessive heat. An Oven Toaster Griller isn’t always placed in a large sized kitchen. More often than not, ovens are placed in tight spots and are very close to where a person would actually stand. If it produces a lot of heat, it can quickly become uncomfortable to stand anywhere near and this takes away the pleasurable experience of cooking delicacies. So, an OTG with a cooling fan is a great way of ensuring a pleasant cooking.

Double Glass Door

A perfectly tasting food is only possible if the environment in which it is cooked is conducive. Imagine applying the perfect heating, timing, and ingredients to get that perfect meal but then the heat is lost through the OTG door resulting in inadequate conditions for perfect cooking. Modern OTGs feature double glass door that reduces heat loss for faster and proper cooking, and to provide a clear visibility of the food while it gets cooked.

Motorized Rotisserie

A motorized rotisserie provides convenience and best roasting and grilling results. The vertical rotisserie offers precise rotation speed making the food tastier and healthier.

Convection Heating

Convection heating feature allows better air circulation of heat thereby cooking the food evenly, rapidly, and more importantly healthily.

Inner Lamp

What’s the point of providing double glassed door if there is no inner lamp to let you see the food being cooked from the outside. Choose an OTG with this basic feature.

Timer & Auto Shut-off

Although, these are pretty common features in most OTG, still a good range of temperature settings, timer and auto shut-off are barebones of an oven.


Purchasing an electric product is just the beginning. Getting the most out of it includes a good warranty and home service. No one would carry an oven to a service center, therefore, a home service is a must and a possible extended warranty.

Havells’ latest range of OTGs offer some of the best features that money can buy such as sensor-based touch controls, futuristic design, and a healthy warranty of 2 years with on-site service. To know more about the latest OTGs by Havells, click here.