A Detailed Spec Check on Havells IE2 & IE3 Premium Energy-efficient Motors

A Detailed Spec Check on Havells IE2 & IE3 Premium Energy-efficient Motors

A Detailed Spec Check on Havells IE2 & IE3 Premium Energy-efficient Motors

A motor could easily be one of the most useful and widely used machine yet overlooked by the masses. From the vehicles we drive, to the equipment that draws and pumps water from the supply into our storage tanks, motors in various sizes and forms power our life day in and day out. In its simplest form, it is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical form allowing the man to manipulate it make many functions possible.

If we have to size the applications of motors and corresponding energy we use to power them then the figure is something like this; globally, on an average of 70% of total energy generated is consumed by motors. This estimate says a lot about the importance of motors to run our cities and economy.

Havells is a well-known fast moving electrical goods manufacturer and is one of the oldest and quality producer of motors. The brand offers a range of premium motors that boast long-lasting performance and top-notch energy efficiency given the fact how quickly motors can result in electricity consumption spiral out of control if they are not made of best quality components and engineering.

These premium motors by Havells meet some of best quality standards. The Havells’ IE3 and IE2 motors conform to IS 12615:2014 and IEC 60034-30:2008, which directly corresponds to high degree of energy saving, suitability for continued operation without breakdowns. Over the course of their life, these motors require the least amount of maintenance with improved motor life, and they have a very short payback period.

Let us look at some of the key features, benefits, and technical aspects of these motors.

Longer operation life

The premium range of energy efficient motors provide optimum heat dissipation that significantly increases the life of the motor.

Suitable for a wide voltage band of applications

Motors find usage in a wide variety of applications requiring a broader range of voltage operability. The premium range of IE2 and IE3 motors can operate under 3-phase AC voltage of 415 V with 10 percent variation, and a frequency of 50 Hz with 5 percent variation.

Ability to withstand higher operation temperatures

The Havells’ IE2 and IE3 motors are manufactured with F Class insulation that ensures peak performance even under high temperatures without breaking down.

Protection against environmental elements like water and dust

These motors are designed to meet the IP55 construction standards which translates to unhindered performance even when splashes of water or gust of dust is thrown at them. These motors are highly tractable and resistant to environmental elements.

Ability to withstand high environmental temperatures

India is a country that witnesses peak summer temperatures touching the half century mark. These motors are designed to be fully operable even when the outside temperature is at 50 degrees Celsius.

Robust construction

These motors boast of rugged construction as cast iron is used for frames and components. You can expect durability and lifelong sturdiness.

Effective cooling

The IE2 and IE3 premium motors are engineered in such a way that they produce very little noise and keep vibrations to minimal ensuring quiet performance.

Maximum performance

These motors are designed with a low weight-to-output ratio. Just like in automobiles, low weight combined with higher output translated to more performance and lesser operational hassles.

Meet local specifications

The premium range of motors are designed to meet all local standards of dimensions such as IS 1231 and IS 2223


The premium range of IE2 and IE3 motors by Havells are designed with aesthetics in mind featuring a premium surface finish.

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