Add Style to Your Kitchen with Havells Stilus

Add Style to Your Kitchen with Havells Stilus

Add Style to Your Kitchen with Havells Stilus

Often kitchen is a place where things get clumsy, be it the unclean utensils lying in the sink, stove stained with freshly cooked dal or that backsplash smeared with tomato puree. In fact, there could be endless number of reasons given to which you want to hide your kitchen from your guests. If we talk about the good points of a perfect looking kitchen, besides the cleaning part, what grab instant attention are the electrical appliances employed there. Of course, kitchen appliances are required in every kitchen, and apart from their utility, their style and looks are a plus!

Stilus – Juicer Mixer Grinder

To add style and convenience to your kitchen, Havells – a brand synonymous with high quality electrical products – has come up with a stylish juicer mixer grinder called Stilus. This JMG stands out with its inspirational space saving design which makes it absolutely a blessing for modern day kitchens. And what makes the Stilus truly class apart is its one liter juicer jar that does away with the need for a separate container for collecting and pouring. It would not be exaggerating to say that Havells Stilus is a marvel that combines style, modernity, technology and convenience.

Features Galore

Together with its unique vertical design, the Stilus is available in 4-jar and 3-jar options. Its jars are made of top notch transparent polycarbonate which makes them break resistant and extremely long lasting. Havells has armed Stilus with a bigger size, corrosion resistant 304 grade stainless steel sieve and blade so that you can get nothing but the best. It has a 3-speed option with pulse function and LED indicator. The JMG features a 1-liter transparent serving juice jar, along with a spout, to collect fresh juice and serve it directly. Over and above the 500-watt powerful motor, the Stilus comes with a motor overload protector and a 5-year warranty which means more years of ease.

Utility & Performance

Havells Stilus can do all the jobs expected from a juicer mixer grinder, be it making chutneys or purees, grinding spices, churning out smoothies and shakes, or extracting fresh juices. Beyond that, it has got stylish looks which adds to the overall appeal of this appliance. Seeing that space crunch is a serious problem in modern-day kitchens, the Stilus is just perfect with its space saving vertical design which makes it stylish as well as convenient. Unlike the traditional juicer mixer grinders featuring horizontal designs and requiring much space, this JMG fits in small space. Moreover, its in-built juice collector jar is a big relief from all the mess that occurs due to placing any utensil to collect the juice, then pouring in another for serving purposes. So, it’s more hygienic and convenient. The Stilus also features a large size pulp collector so you don’t need to stop the process in between to clear the pulp when you have to juice much!

To Conclude

So, let’s not make your kitchen a place to hide. In fact, add that stylish element and flaunt your cooking zone with élan. With Havells range of cooking and food preparation appliances, you can add style, utility, convenience and performance – all at one go – to your kitchen. If you’re looking for a Juicer-Mixer-Grinder that’s powerful enough to cover all your cooking needs and yet make a style statement, then look no further than Havells Stilus.