Baisakhi – It’s Time to Rejoice and Dig in Some Amazing Dishes

Baisakhi – It’s Time to Rejoice and Dig in Some Amazing Dishes

Baisakhi – It’s Time to Rejoice and Dig in Some Amazing Dishes

India is known to splurge in cultural diversity. In fact, it’s the uniqueness of our country, where so many religions and cultures dwell in harmony. We often celebrate our joy equally for small as well as big occasions. More or less, all the occasions, even if not celebrated by a particular region or community, are welcomed with cheer by all. Baisakhi is one such festival which is often celebrated in Punjab, but Punjabis across the world observe this colorful festival with full enthusiasm. Often called the harvest festival, Baisakhi marks the harvesting of Rabi crops. It is observed on the first day of ‘Baisakh,’ which marks the first month of the Punjabi calendar. This day also marks the celebration of the Sikh New Year.

Baisakhi is celebrated just like a thanksgiving day by the community of farmers. In many parts of Punjab, people gather to sing, dance and enjoy, while thanking God for a good harvest season. In fact, if you take a closer look, you’ll find a connection between the yellow color and this festival. Since the color yellow is associated with happiness and bounty, people turn up in vibrant hues of yellow and orange to celebrate the occasion. This favor is not restricted to just clothes but they also add the tinge of this color to their food. As no festival is complete without good food, Baisakhi too gets its good share of delicacies, few of which are jotted down below.

Peeley Chawal – A staple dish in Punjabi households during Baisakhi celebrations, Peelay Chawal is a delicious dish made of rice. Meethe Chawal and Kesari Chawal are the other names used for this sweetened rice dish. It calls for many aromatic spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and much of dry fruits and nuts. Furthermore, it is tinged with the fragrant flavor and lovely yellow hue of saffron, which makes it a perfect treat for the harvest festival. To make the just right Peelay Chawal, you can use Electric Cookers which come with many useful features for that perfect treat!

Punjabi Kadhi – If you want to enjoy Punjabi cuisine, Punjabi Kadhi is something that can’t be missed. It is absolutely a must-have to relish the authentic and rich flavors of Punjab. It is a delightful concoction of sour curd, spices, gram flour, and fried fritters. You need to blend the mixture of gram flour and curd well before setting it on fire. For this, you can rely on Hand Blenders by Havells. Punjabi Kadhi tastes best when served with boiled rice.

Gud Ka Halwa – Made with plenty of ghee and gud (jaggery), Gud ka Halwa is something that is relished by everyone in Punjabi households during the harvest festival. Though it is generally considered as a dish enjoyed in winters, people could not do away with it even in summers. You can make this dish easily using Induction Cookers which will make your cooking faster and more efficient.

Chole Bhature – Deep fried yet soft bread is what that describes our desi Bhatura. When relished with chickpeas cooked in spices, Bhatura tastes heavenly. It is one of the most favorite dishes throughout the northern part of India. On the occasion of Baisakhi too, you can make this dish to treat your guests lovingly. To ease your process of dough making and grinding spices, employ a Food Processor in your kitchen. Doing this, you can make this recipe within no time.

On a cheerful note, hope you all enjoyed reading this list of sweet and spicy delicacies which can be enjoyed during Baisakhi. However, reading out is far easier than making the dishes. It takes a lot of efforts to prepare for and cook food. To make your kitchen job easier, Havells offers a wide range of Cooking and Food Preparation Appliances which are loaded with features. All these appliances are practical for day to day usage and efficient enough for long-lasting performance. Before seeing off, wish you all a very Happy Baisakhi!