She ran her hands through your face and eeks came the shout!

Relax guys it was just a bad dream. But to ensure this dream is not a reality of your life that can embarrass you when you are with your lady love, we would say just brush your hands through your cheeks and analyze the roughness of your beard. If it feels a bit coarsened, then open your eyes wide and get on with reading this blog.

Beard has over the years been the symbol of masculinity and ruggedness that separate the boys from the men. Yet, when this popular men’s fashion started, many thought it would not last long and pass with time. The two main reasons for this presumption was it being considered ‘uncool’ especially by the opposite sex and secondly because it gave men an untidy look.

But, its popularity surprised many and today a well-kept beard is considered one of the coolest things that enhances the personality of men. Yes, a full-fledged neatly maintained beard is nowadays in vogue and not just amongst models, actors, celebrities, and business people but also among regular college and office-going men.

Many factors came into play in making the not-shaving-everyday look fashionable. And if you thought the women folks were one of them, then we’d say not completely. The most significant credit goes to the companies that developed an array of specially designed products for facial hair that enhanced the urbane look of men. The other reasons being higher disposable income, celebrity influence, exposure to social media and, awareness of the latest trends, etc. that further contributed to making the look stay in demand.

Thus, for the right beard look that gave men the license to flaunt their facial hair, or proudly say #BeardKyunHoWeird the companies introduced the trimmer. This small-handy machine that gained popularity because of its convenience, swiftness, and efficiency that enabled men to shape and size different beard lengths with its multiple setting, effectively. It excelled in precision that made the shave neater while giving the option of personalizing the daily look as per occasion and attire from the mundane everyday presence.

This efficacy in the shave, led to the rise in the grooming culture amongst men as they cautiously devoted more time, energy and effort towards their appearance. The trimmed beard thus took centre stage and became a style statement for the 21st-century men as it highlighted the face-cut while emphasizing the flawlessly done beard.

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