Beautify Your Space with Amazingly Stylish Spiro Neo

Beautify Your Space with Amazingly Stylish Spiro Neo

Beautify Your Space with Amazingly Stylish Spiro Neo

Loving your own space is obviously a nice feeling. You emplace utilities and other stuff to keep yourself comfortable. Of course, you decorate your space the way you want, and you often make the best efforts to make your space a reflection of yourself. If you are planning to furnish your newly acquired space or revamp your old place, a decorative ceiling fan could be a nice addition that besides meeting its primary purpose of air distribution can serve as a decorative element as well. The stylish ceiling fans could bring in a wind of refreshing change in the old-world setting of your comfort zone.

Ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to the interior decoration. However, the changing trends call for changing ideologies too. With the stylish ceiling fans brimming over the market, it’s time to seek out a refreshing change from the plain, dull ceiling fans. Considering the need for a modification, Havells – the premium brand for electrical products based out of India – formulated the designer ceiling fans which are made using the most advanced technology to serve the dual purpose of ornamentation and circulating air.

Refresh your Ceiling with the Smart Spiro Neo Ceiling Fan

In its range of decorative ceiling fans, the Spiro Neo is a superior paint finish ceiling fan that exudes elegance from every angle. Its powerful motor results in exceptional performance, enabling best-in-class air delivery. With a sweep of 1200 mm, the Spiro Neo features a unique hexagonal body with tangential blade design. This masterpiece is available in the colour choice of woody white, black & white, and indigo blue. Offering a superlative air delivery of 220 m³/min, the decorative fan boasts of a speed of 320 RPM which can easily cool down the space in minutes.

While being easy on your pocket, the Spiro Neo consumes mere 75 W of power without compromising on its performance. Its aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep length of 1200 mm offer an efficient distribution of air throughout the room without creating the whirring sound. Its elegant design and availability in different colours is another attraction to bring this embellished fan in your personal space. The Spiro Neo poses a win-win situation in terms of both marvellous designing and astonishing performance.

Let Your Space be Invaded by Breeze

With so many pleasant features in the kitty, the Spiro Neo is a decorative ceiling fan worth owning and admiring. Since it is coming from a brand like Havells, you can be sure about its quality and performance. This decorative fan with its unique design and superior paint finish is going to uplift the décor of your home. So, with no qualms, bring this stylish ceiling fan in your space and get ready to be swayed by its refreshing looks and great performance. To see the entire range of ceiling fans by Havells, click here.