Dig in Exotic Sweets and Other Delicacies This Durga Puja

Dig in Exotic Sweets and Other Delicacies This Durga Puja

Dig in Exotic Sweets and Other Delicacies This Durga Puja

Durga Puja is a major festival that observes one of the grandest celebrations in India. Apart from the clothing, accessories, colossal pandals and other styling accompaniments, what gets better attention is food and especially sweets. Though you can find the amazing Bengali dishes and sweets in pandals, there are people who use their culinary skills to dole out some of the authentic delicacies from their kitchens. Let’s check out some exotic food items and sweets that you can try during Durga Pooja.

Chanar Jeelapi – A modified version of jalebi, Chanar Jeelapi is a popular sweet made with cottage cheese in Bengal. It’s often sold at stalls in pandals during the festive season.

Sandesh – We all have heard this name and many have even tried it. Yes, Sandesh is the most popular Bengali sweet. Made with Chhena and sugar or jaggery (gur), it is found at almost every sweet shop in Bengal.

Mughlai Paratha – If you happen to be in Bengal, you will get this minced meat-filled deep-fried egg paratha at every nook and corner. In Durga Puja pandals, you will find stalls dedicated to this wholesome delicacy. You can also make Mughlai Parathas at home, and for the preparation, you can rely on food processors which will ease your job of kneading flour and mincing meat.

Rasgulla – These spongy-soft round sweet balls are loved by one and all. Roshogollas are actually so popular that you can get them throughout the country. So, enjoy the mishti time with all-time favorite Bengali roshogollas.

Bhapa Doi – Literally means steamed yoghurt in Bengali, Bhapa Doi is almost cheesecake-like in texture. It’s best enjoyed chilled with a garnishing of almonds and pistachios. It can be easily prepared at home too.

Pati Shapta – Quite like Malpua, the Bengali Patishapta is actually a pancake made with milk and refined four which is further stuffed with mawa, coconut and dry fruit filling, and is served like a roll. It tastes amazing!

Kheer Kadam – Also called Raskadam, Kheer Kadam is an exotic Bengali sweet made of mini rasgullas, grated khoya and powdered sugar. It can be easily found in Bengali sweet shops. If you happen to get this in pandals, do try it.

Ghugni – A popular street-side snack in Bengal, Ghugni is basically a spiced chickpea or Bengal gram curry which is topped with chopped onion and masala. Some variations may also include minced mutton or mutton chunks.

Kolkata Biryani – Looking for spicy fare? Kolkata biryani is for you! Made with aromatic rice, tender meat and a handful of the choicest masalas, Kolkata biryani is something that you’ll find in every pandal. If you want to try it at home, you can easily make this exotic biryani using a rice cooker which will ease your cooking at large.

Puchka – What is normally called golgappa and paanipuri in most parts of the country, Phuchka is the variant of West Bengal. These deep-fried puffy balls of semolina are filled with a mixture of boiled gram, mashed potatoes, a mix of tangy and spicy chutney, and finally dipped in spicy water, just to gobble down in one go. For sure, you won’t settle with just one!

Churmur – Again Churmur is a road-side snack which is prepared by crushing puchkas and mixing them with mashed potatoes. It is then tossed with a variety of spices, tamarind water, green chillies and coriander leaves. It tastes amazing and can be easily found across streets in West Bengal.

On a Concluding Note

Festivals mark the time of festivities, including decking up in new clothes, hopping from pandal to pandal, meeting friends and relatives, participating and enjoying the cultural programs, and indulging in the food extravaganza. Apart from binging on outside food, it’s a good idea to spare some time and cook healthy and wholesome dishes at home. Of course, it requires efforts but with Havells cooking and food preparation appliances, you don’t need to bother much. So, enjoy the festivities galore and do take care of your health. Cook healthy, eat healthy and be healthy! May Maa Durga fulfills all your wishes and brings prosperity to all!