Enjoy Cruising in Your Own Space with Stealth Air Cruise

Enjoy Cruising in Your Own Space with Stealth Air Cruise

Enjoy Cruising in Your Own Space with Stealth Air Cruise

Most of us love the thought of cruising and relaxing ourselves. The sheer idea of experiencing cool breeze on your face sounds so good. And what if you can actually live this idea in your own comfort zone, it will be amazing, right? Havells has always been known for bringing in technologically advanced electrical products while giving due consideration to the aesthetic designing too. The Stealth by the brand is already a class apart in the industry with its groundbreaking performance marked by silence.

Elongating the range, the Stealth has got a new counterpart – Stealth Air Cruise – which is more advanced in every sense. As expected, the newest fan boasts of stylish aesthetics along with superior technology to compete with the silent performer. It is infused with aerofoil profile blades to deliver large volume of air, covering the maximum possible area. At 320 m³/min, the Stealth Air Cruise offers the highest air delivery in its class with rated 300 rpm.

With a clean sweep of 1320 mm, this ceiling fan comes with a superior metallic paint finish which exudes elegance. The Stealth Air Cruise is available in the color options of Mettallic Black, Dusk-Champagne, Pearl White, and Indigo Blue. All the colors are amazingly tinted to give the desired effect to the interiors of your zone. Its special coating doesn’t attract much dust, making it easier to clean with just a swipe of cloth.

This unique range of fans is persistent in its performance while being stylish at the same time. Influenced by smart engineering that ensures unmatched performance, the Stealth Air Cruise is extremely fast and effective. Its intelligent design and sharp edges cut through the air with ease, to offer amazing air delivery without negotiating on silent performance. With a mere power consumption of 85 W, this new entrant offers much giving you actually the experience of cruising in your own space.

Its aerodynamically profiled blades, with a sweep size of 1320 mm, helps to drive more air per sweep for providing better air circulation without running the fan at a high speed. Here one must note that when the fan doesn’t spin at a high speed, it results in very little drag, which means less noise when operational. Thus, without hearing to the unwanted sound of hissing, you can enjoy the higher and better flow of air.

The Stealth Air Cruise features a first-grade high toque motor which enables the fan to quickly get onto the set speed and offers air flow at an instant. Made out of ABS which is a thermoplastic polymer, this fan is extremely durable and 100% rust free. Its ABS reinforced blades are strong yet lightweight, and don’t bend even after prolonged usage. With so many features of brag about, the Stealth Air Cruise is definitely a smart choice for modern-day users who want nothing but the best of everything. To know more about the range of Stealth fans, click here!