Fabio – The Fabulous Range of Electrical Switches for Your Fab Space

Fabio – The Fabulous Range of Electrical Switches for Your Fab Space

Fabio – The Fabulous Range of Electrical Switches for Your Fab Space

As soon as you step in your home, even if loaded with bags and other stuff, your fingers impromptuly land themselves on the switchboard to switch on the light and fan. You can even call it, the entering ritual! Coming home and finding yourself at ease is the best feeling ever. Rewind the moment! You arrived and there is absolute darkness. You have no means to illuminate the space and cool off yourself. Would you be relaxed? No, absolutely not because we have experienced the comfort provided by electricity. The electrical appliances have become an essential part of our lives. And what make the primary interface to satiate our appliance needs are electrical switches which have gone modular!

Probably quite a few years back, nobody would have thought that this thing of basic requirement could become a statement piece of decor. Considering the trending interiors, people prefer minimalism over and above practicality. The markets today have oodles of electric switches which feature great designing, but it’s important for switches to be pragmatic as well. The Fabio is one such range of electrical switches which takes pride in being modular, practical, featuring convenient design as well. Convenient? Yes, you read that right. It’s convenient because it can be fitted both vertically and horizontally according to the available space and your preference.

Fabio is for Fabulous Design

Coming from the brand like Havells, the Fabio has a fabulous start. It is infused with useful features which make it stand apart from its other counterparts. The Fabio offers easy front loading and removal; these soft action switches hardly make any sound while switching on and off. And the best part is mounting that gives you the choice of both horizontal and vertical. If you’re tight on space, the Fabio comes as a blessing. You need not to change your entire set-up for mounting conventional style of switchboard. All you need is Fabio!

For Fantastic Features

With Fabio, you have the choice the installing switchboards the way you want. Its simple yet elegant design is absolutely a sure shot for any space. These switches are practical to use in homes, offices, showrooms, professional studios and almost any other place you can think of. The Fabio has the complete range of cover frames, switches, support modules, communication modules, sockets and more. In fact, if you wish to change the switch cover, a complete range of cover frames is available by the name of Frameio.

For First-Class User Experience

Havells, in order to provide an amazing user experience, also offers the complete hospitality range which includes shaver sockets, HDMI sockets, RCA sockets, key tags, VGA sockets, DND and MMR outdoor panels and so on. The range of Fabio switches is made out of high-grade flame-resistant and dust-resistant polycarbonate material which ensures no discolouration during lifetime. Its shuttered sockets make sure that you and your loved ones are in safe hands. The Fabio range is made in adherence to the industry standards for complete protection against electrical threats.

So, taken as a whole, the Fabio offers a complete switch solution wherein you get style, design, usability, convenience and safety hand in hand. These dual orientation switches from the house of Havells are one of the best offerings to meet your needs without disturbing your home or its decor. If you too wish to purchase switches for your newly acquired space or want to renovate your comfort zone, opt for Fabio for an entirely amazing switching experience!