How to Make Your Home Shock Proof for Kids

How to Make Your Home Shock Proof for Kids

How to Make Your Home Shock Proof for Kids

We are all surrounded by electrical products in our day to day lives. Be it phone chargers, induction plates, extension cables, power outlets or any other electrical appliance, all this stuff has become a regular part of our lifestyle. However, with kids around, we need to be more cautious using these electronic gadgets and wiring. A second of negligence can result in serious consequences, so, it’s better to be extra vigilant when it is about safety of kids at home.

When we talk about baby proofing a home, the first and foremost thing that our mind visualizes is, a baby inserting his finger in an electrical socket. Isn’t it? This is the most vulnerable zone, where kids often try to use their wits. But as we all know, electric current moves at an alarming pace and any direct contact can result in anything from minor distress to disfiguring or disabling the person, and causing death as well. So, it’s crucial to plan the electrical system well.

You cannot bind the children in any particular space, but you can certainly create a safe zone for them by installing proper electrical switchgear and human safety devices at your home. Though the best approach is to have a well-planned electrical system installed, you can start with covering all the electrical sockets, and making sure the wires are properly insulated to avoid any electrical mishap. Ideally, all the wires should be away from children’s reach, and all kinds of old, cracked or tattered cords must be avoided.

Baby Proofing Electrical Sockets

Babies and toddlers are somehow fascinated with electrical sockets, and they tend to put their finger, keys, pen or any such object in them. And you know how fatal that can be. So, the easiest way to prevent shock through electrical sockets is to cover them with plastic covers which are easily available in the market. Or else, you can get shuttered sockets installed to get a permanent solution to this problem. Havells has a range of shuttered sockets which are easy to install, and are aesthetically appealing as well.

Baby Proofing Cords & Wires

Besides electrical outlets, wires and cords are the other most common grounds for kids to get an electrical shock. More often than not, kids try to imitate their parents and put wires or plugs in sockets which can be dangerous. Other than this, loose wires or cables scattered on the floor can be a major cause for children to trip over. The quick way to deal with this problem is to use duct tape to stick these cords on the corners of the room, along the wall. However, the other option could be shortening of these cords to the required amount of length.

Baby Proofing Other Electrical Devices

Kids are more likely to climb over television sets, captivated with their colors and all. So, parents need to make sure that their television sets are secured to the wall with an anti-tipping hardware. In bathrooms, appliances like electric trimmers, hair dryers and water heaters should be used cautiously. Since water is an excellent conductor of electricity, care should be taken while using small appliances near bathtubs or sinks. You must not leave these gadgets unattended with kids. All the light fittings and electrical outlets must be appropriately encased, away from the shower area or bath tub. In kitchen as well, appliances like microwave, OTG, air-fryer, toasters, etc, must be unplugged after use, so that kids might not turn them on accidentally.

Shock Proofing Your Home

Apart from baby proofing, the best all-round protection from electric shock for any home is a well-planned installation of electrical system, consisting of high-quality flame retardant Wires and Cables, Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), Safety Device and Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB). Havells offers a complete range of domestic switchgear, installing which you can ensure safety of you loved ones at home.

Any faulty or wet wiring enhances the chances of electric current passing through an individual’s body in contact. However, using right circuit breakers, you can provide protection against any electrical mishap. In case the current leaks due to any damaged wiring, the safety switch will come to your rescue – disconnecting the power within a fraction of a second. Likewise, an RCCB is useful when earthing is missing in any building. An RCCB is a differential current sensing device, which contains a switch device that immediately trips off in case of a leakage fault and does not return through neutral. Some other points worth considering are,

  • Though most of the electrical dangers can be minimized with circuit breakers and proper insulation, it is always advised to consult a professional to ensure the best protection against electrical problems.
  • Use specialized products from trusted brands. Ensure that all the products used for electrical fitting are made in accordance with ISI specifications and conform to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards).
  • A well-set electric system makes certain that no serious injury happens in case of any accidental touch with live wires. Always rely on the distribution system to carry the electrical wiring throughout the house. And make sure that the main switch is easily accessible to fix the faults.

Wrapping Up

Electricity is crucial and we can’t avoid using it. Yet, using the right electrical products and switchgear with precautions, we can utilize this power source without any problem. With kids, you need to cross-check about all the possible problems that can occur with electrical wirings and appliances. A single broken wiring can also be dangerous. Thus, use the aforementioned points and professional help to shock proof your home.