How to Use Decorative Lights at Home?

How to Use Decorative Lights at Home?

How to Use Decorative Lights at Home?

The best way to screw up an excellent architecture is by bad lighting. Once you decide to give your house a spectacular look, the devil lies in the detail. Decorative lights are akin to jewellery for your home. One can unleash some creativity and set new standards by enhancing decor with decorative fancy lights. Few years back, the role of decorative lights in home décor was generally limited to fancy lights on the walls and chandeliers in large areas.

But in recent years decorative lighting has seen a surge, as people are opting for beautiful light pieces for ceiling, walls, tables and even floors. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, decorative lighting can actually do the real justice to the beauty of your home. Decorative lighting puts the soul into a building and turns your house into a place to live and love.


Decorative lighting is all about, complimenting a style and adding some charisma to a room. So, the foremost thing to consider while choosing decorative lighting is the result you would get once the light is being transmitted in a particular area. A particular light might not be a good choice for a particular area and vice versa. Thus, you need to pay a special attention to how a specific lighting fixture would turn up in your space before zeroing it down.


Consider the way how it emits light and how it would look in the space, visualizing the space with that particular light may work wonders. Just remember, nothing can stop you from doing experiments with the lights. Decorative lighting will help bind your decor together. Contemplate the style of your room before picking lights to guarantee a harmonious feel.


At times, you fall in love with a light fixture which is too small for a space, there you can actually group together a few lights and make the impact. Pendant lights are not advisable in gloomy corners of the house, better you get some interesting decorative lights which will create some interest.


You can be a little more playful by adding a hint of light to the headboard, wall, table center piece, trees, planters, bookshelves, etc. In fact, LED strips have given the power to highlight almost anything, be it a mirror or even wooden ladder; they can be strung from the ceiling, or even used for an outdoor living space. These fabulous lights can set your mood during the evening and keep your friends yearning for a get-together at your home.


Depending upon the space, size and colour scheme of the room, Havells Home Art Lighting has come up with exuberant lights which go well with any combination. You will find decorative lights as per your taste and which are just perfect for your home. This range has four themes namely Grandeur, Quintessence, Eclectic Top and Enchanting Jewels. Each one has its own charm and they are entirely different from each other in terms of design language. The common elements in the entire Home Art Range are the superior quality, unmatched prices and longevity of the lights. So, without any hitch, do take a look at these decorative lighting fixtures, compare with others for your satisfaction and make the right choice for your abode.