Indulge Guilt-Free in your Favourite Foods with Havells AirOven Digi

Indulge Guilt-Free in your Favourite Foods with Havells AirOven Digi

Indulge Guilt-Free in your Favourite Foods with Havells AirOven Digi

Healthy eating is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. But more often than not, we end up eating junk due to our busy schedules, easy availability of fast food and succumbing to cravings. If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you need to tune your mind to hog only on healthy food. Healthy food again comes with a lot of choices. Besides preferring the protective foods like fruits and vegetables, you need energy giving and body building foods as well to create a balanced diet.

Eating scrumptious meat, chicken, pasta, fries or pancakes might not be considered healthy when you know how many ladles of oil are gone in their making. Of course, your body requires all vitamins, nutrients and fats, but in regulation. It’s up to you how you are feeding your body without overloading or underfeeding it. However, indulging in your favourite foods can be possible proviso you’re not making it harmful by incorporating all sorts of mayonnaise, cheese and oils. If you’re thinking how this can be possible, it is very much possible using hot air technique.

Not only can you make evenly cooked food, you can also indulge in your favourite foods debarring oil using the latest AirOven Digi by Havells. Using the advanced technology, this air oven has been crafted to offer healthy food devoid of excess fats without compromising on nutrients and taste. This 1500W air oven employs aero crisp technology to fry foods promptly and evenly without using oil, offering the healthiest choice for all your cooking needs.

To keep your cooking precise, the Airoven Digi comes with digital control, 9 preset options and adjustable temperature control. The digital control ensures the right temperature throughout the cooking process. To ease your job of cooking for a large family, the air oven comes with a bigger size rotisserie wherein large sized meals can be prepared without a hitch. So, with this cooking appliance in your periphery, you need not to worry about number of guests coming over to your place.

In fact, in the company of dual grill rack, you can actually cook two different dishes at the same time utilizing space as well as time in an efficient manner. And the best part is that this oven is very easy to clean. Often it is seen that cooking appliances are quite cumbersome. No matter how much pain you take to clean the leftover food particles, some thing or the other remains behind. These leftovers not only add to the foul smell, but also make it unhygienic to cook further. But with Havells Airoven Digi, you can enjoy absolutely fat-free, delicious and crispy food without any hassle.

Whether you want to make those crispy French fries for your kids, cakes and cookies to treat your guests, or barbeque chicken for yourself, you can rely on this amazing cooking partner for all your baking, grilling, frying and roasting needs. Treat your taste buds with the food they love using this amazing cooking appliance by Havells. Eat healthy without compromising on the taste and nutrients. Click here to know more about Airoven Digi.