Let’s Get Into Tyoharpur and Enjoy the Festivities!

Let’s Get Into Tyoharpur and Enjoy the Festivities!

Let’s Get Into Tyoharpur and Enjoy the Festivities!

When we say that man is a social animal, it’s true to the core. We, human beings, tend to share our happiness, sadness or even day to day happenings with someone or at least a few people. The first set of people with whom we grow up is our family and then, probably friends, relatives and neighbors. If we all are on good terms, this actually becomes a perfect place where everyone shares a good laugh on witty jokes, a heart-breaking moment while empathizing, daily life sweet-sour bantering on top of enjoying rituals and festivities together.

Tyoharpur – A Mohalla That Loves to Celebrate Together

Havells, being a household name for electric products and appliances, is celebrating this bond of love amidst festivities in Tyoharpur – a neighborhood where people rejoice and celebrate every day with each other and more so during the festive season. Tyoharpur, though a fictional colony, represents every town and community where people live together in harmony. Its characters represent the next door uncles, aunties, guys and girls who we know in our very own colony.

Through a series of Tyoharpur tales, the brand is sharing a glimpse of life which we all lead and how small things (like wires, domestic appliances, lighting products,etc) have shaped and influenced our lives. In fact, all these electrical products have become an inseparable part of our everyday life. Just like the way, people like family, friends, relatives and neighbors are always pleasurable and valuable to us.

Get Ready to Enjoy the Series – Tyohar Hai To Hum Taiyyar Hai

Enjoy the heartwarming stories of the residents of Tyoharpur that will be shared across the social platforms during this festive season. Whether it’s the culinary skills of Pammi aunty, critiques by Verma ji and Sharma ji, wire craft by naughty Roshni, considerate nature of Mrs. Patel, dress sense of dapper Mr. Singh or stylish looks of Rocky and Sweety, all of them correspond to the people around us. So, get ready to share a good laugh over their short, sweet and touching stories!

Havells is Festive Ready with its Bouquet of Products

Seeing that Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated across the country, we all make preparations in advance; be it cleaning the house, doing renovations, paint work and so on. Havells, with its vast line of products, is there for all your needs during this preparation. Whether you need to change your old wires or switches, the brand has got everything to cater. And obviously, with no less but the best of Havells wires – wires that don’t catch fire. Moreover, if you’re planning to treat your guests with lip-smacking dishes, Havells offers a complete range of cooking and food preparation appliances to ease your job.

For those lit-up decorations, the brand provides an exclusive range of light fixtures and LED lights which are amazing enough to make the onlooker go wow. Now for the overall safety and health of your family, Havells also has one of the best RO & UV water purifiers which offer absolutely pure and healthy drinking water. When it’s about occasions, you need to look smart and stylish too. So, considering that suave factor, the brand has come up with a personal grooming range which includes beard trimmers, electric shavers, hair dryers, hair straighteners and much more!

Havells has touched the lives of people with its wide range of products, including small domestic appliances, water purifiers, wires, switches, ceiling fans, geysers, personal grooming products, LED lights, lighting fixtures and so much more. With the festival of lights right around the corner, Havells is ready with its complete variety of goods – truly envisaging the dictum Tyohar Hai To Hum Taiyyar Hai.

Celebrate the Festivities with Havells Range of Products

Just like the residents of Tyoharpur, celebrate the occasion with products that are valuable and make your everyday life comfortable while enjoying the big and small pleasures of life with your near and dear ones. Since festivals call for decorations, shopping for household appliances, lights, and gifts too, Havells offers a vast range of electrical products, LED strip lights, small domestic appliances, personal grooming products and so much more, to leave you spoilt for choice. Bring home Havells’ products and enjoy the festivities in their truest form!

On a concluding note, wish you all a very happy festive season with lots of merriment, and do follow us on our social media channels to watch the entire series of Tyoharpur!