Let’s Talk Aesthetics of Modular Switches

Let’s Talk Aesthetics of Modular Switches

Let’s Talk Aesthetics of Modular Switches

Modular switches have made an entry in our spaces long back. Just like any other important thing that is required to make a home, electrical switches too are absolutely essential. Moreover, they are convenient, safe and easy to use, apart from many other advantages which they offer. The most recent modular switches are spectacularly designed, available in different finishes, materials, shapes, colors and sizes to add to the interiors of your space.

Of course, modular switches today are a marvel of aesthetics with anti-weld designs, shuttered sockets, hidden screws, flame retardant polycarbonate, spark shield properties and much more. They are absolutely safe, since they are made in compliance with industry standards. Havells, a prominent brand for electrical switchgear based out of India, offers a wide range of modular switches which are crafted to perfection in the truest manner.

Made while strictly adhering to safety standards, Modular switches are safe to be used by children as well. These sockets are child friendly and pose no risk of getting electrical shock or causing mishaps. The modular switches by Havells go through stringent tests which confirm their durability and amazing performance even under stressful conditions. All these factors make modular switches a preferred choice for both domestic and commercial settings.

Available in a vast array of colours, designs and styles, the modular switches today are not limited to just usage but make an important part of interiors too. Havells presents modular switches in many variants, including switches, cover frames for number of modules, support modules, communication modules, sockets and even hospitality range. The best part about modular switches is the flexibility they offer. Unlike the conventional switches, these switches can be easily added and removed according to your requirements.

In fact, you have the choice of changing cover frames too, without changing the entire set up. You can choose from the colors and finishes which go well with your interiors. Oro Metallica by Havells is a switch range marked by metallic shades to reflect your aesthetic sense beautifully. The simplistic Coral modular switches are influenced by sheer usage without trouble. The fabulous Fabio range of modular switches gives you the flexibility of installing the frames both horizontally and vertically as the space allows.

The Havells range of switches has one way switches, two way switches, one way with indicator switches, DP switches with indicators, dimmers, fan regulators, power units, footlights, motor starters, indicator lamps, USB chargers, phone sockets, RJ-45 jacks and more, made with UV stabilized polycarbonate material to ensure no discoloration during their lifetime. All the switches are neatly designed which make sure snug fit and smooth operation during their period of existence.

Modular switches are influenced by ultra-modern technology which makes them compatible with different appliances and gadgets. In short, these electrical switches are perfect amalgamation of technology and designing to impart an amazing user experience. Their designing, durability, safety, usability and ergonomic engineering make them a preferred choice of modern users in every sense. Click here to know more about modular switches by Havells!