Let Your Taste Buds Indulge In Scrumptious Food This Onam

Let Your Taste Buds Indulge In Scrumptious Food This Onam

Let Your Taste Buds Indulge In Scrumptious Food This Onam

Onam – the most-awaited festival of Kerala – is right around the corner. Celebrated by Malayalis across the world, Onam is actually a harvest festival that marks the end of monsoons, and the beginning of prosperity. This 10-day cultural festival is observed annually in the month of Chingam. With arrangements going on at top gear, be it dance and musical performances being organized at different places, decorating houses with floral displays called pookkalams or people deciding on their new set of dresses, Onam is celebrated with full enthusiasm and fervor.

Amidst all these preparations, there are many people who are sweating in the kitchens to ensure everything is prepared for the elaborate feast – Onasadya, or Onam Sadhya. Onasadya is actually the traditional Malayali lunch that comprises up to 26 dishes which are served on the banana leaf for the occasion. Although it’s a 26-dish feast, not everyone makes all of them. Let’s explore the top ten dishes that you can easily try and indulge in this Onam!

Rice – No Onam Sadhya is complete without rice. And basically, it’s always the semi polished brown Kerala or red rice, which is actually tastier and nutritious than the polished rice. It has got great nutrient content, together with fiber, protein and selenium, and many other health benefits. If you don’t want to get into nerve-racking procedure of making rice, you can easily make it using Havells Rice Cooker, which comes with intelligent heating, keep warm function, preset timer and other helpful features, to get the perfectly cooked rice each time.

Sambar – One of the most relishing dishes South Indian Cuisine has to offer, Sambar is actually thick gravy made of lentils and vegetables, and flavored with herbs. It is a common accompaniment with almost every South Indian meal. Although there are numerous readymade Sambar powders available in the market, fresh spices do wonders in homemade Sambar.

Rasam – Best known for helping in digestion, Rasam is a watery, spicy dish. It has tamarind juice as its base, and tomato, chili pepper, pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings. Rasam is though a simple dish; it has a soothing affect even on full tummy.

Aviyal – Aviyal is a thick preparation of vegetables and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. The commonly used vegetables in its preparation are plantain, pumpkin, carrots, beans, Eggplant, cucumber, drum sticks, snake gourd, etc. Avial can be made into gravy or even a semi-solid side dish. It is generally accompanied by rice. It is considered as an essential part of the Keralite feast.

Pachadi – Similar to the North Indian raita, Pachadi is made with vegetable, yoghurt, coconut, ginger and curry leaves, with mustard seasoning. It is a mildly spiced coconut and yogurt-based curry, made with seasonal vegetables or fruits. It is served as an accompaniment for rice, idli, dosa, and pesarattu.

Puliyinchi – Add tangy taste to your Onam Sadhya with this hot and sour dish, made up of ginger, tamarind, green chilies, and jaggery, called Puliyinchi. This is actually sweet and sour chutney which goes well with almost everything. To ease you process of making any chutney, you can rely on Mixer Grinders which come with amazing features to provide efficient performance every time!

Thoran – Thoran is a dry dish usually consists of finely chopped vegetables, such as, cabbage, yardlong bean and other bean varieties, unripe jackfruit, bittergourd, carrots, along with grated coconut. This coconut-based vegetable Keralite dish is generally consumed with steamed rice. Chopping vegetables can be a real tough task for many of us. Don’t worry, Food Processors are here to do the tiring jobs of slicing, chopping, cutting, grinding and kneading in seconds.

Achaar – Achaar, or pickle, is something that almost every Indian cuisine abides by. While the main ingredient generally remains raw mango, lemon, carrot, cauliflower or any other as per the personal preference, pickle is relished for its tangy flavor by one and all.

Pappadam – A pappadum is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped snack that is made out of seasoned dough of peeled black gram flour. It can be fried or cooked using dry heat (flipping over an open flame). If you’re a health freak, then you can try your hands on the Air Fryer which gives you the freedom of healthy snacking. Whether it’s a papad, fryums, French fries, kebabs, spring rolls or any other delicacy, you can relish them without worrying about consuming oil.

Payasam – Payasam is traditionally a rice pudding, wherein rice in boiled with milk and sweetened with sugar. There are several varieties though. Vermicelli, wheat and pulse can also be used to make this pudding. And other alterations could be done with jaggery and coconut milk. However, each variety is flavored with specific spices.

To Conclude
No festival is complete without good food. And being a major state and cultural festival, Onam deserves that extra zing of flavorsome treats. Some of the chief dishes of Onasadya are mentioned above. You can add more delicacies on the platter as per your requirements. At Havells, we understand the effort that goes in making food, and especially, on such occasions when you have to make it in large quantities. And to ease your process of making food, the brand offers a wide range of food preparation and cooking appliances. Buy the one that suits your requirements, and enjoy preparing the special feast. Wish you all a very happy Onam!