Load More Savings with Energy Efficient IE Motors!

Load More Savings with Energy Efficient IE Motors!

Load More Savings with Energy Efficient IE Motors!

When you buy a motor, you generally look for its purchase cost rather than the running cost. If seen at large, it is actually important to consider the running cost of the motor-driven system. Given the options available in the market, and choosing the one with the lowest-best price, you’re overlooking the substantially lower lifetime costs. By investing in an inefficient motor, you are losing much more energy you can think of during its lifetime operations. Be it’s used for pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, ventilation, refrigeration, fluid handling or cooling, the energy cost of a motor-driven system will be huge as compared to its acquisition cost. For example, when you buy a car, the fuel consumption figures are generally quoted on advertisements and often are used as a marketing technique to sell the car. People do consider the price of the car and the estimated fuel cost they would incur for a period of time.

Likewise, while purchasing motors, it is important to consider the energy cost of a motor not just its buying cost. On an average, the energy cost of a motor over the span of ten years is more than 25 times the purchase cost, and many industries will keep the motor operating for a longer period of time. If the motor-driven system can be 20% more efficient, it will help in saving more than five times of its purchase cost in energy. While buying or using electric motors, you must look for its energy consumption because it will compensate the purchase cost several times over. And, here comes the role of energy efficient motors.

What are Energy Efficient Motors?

The efficiency of a motor is actually the ratio of mechanical power output to the electrical power input, usually expressed in percentage. Due to their superior design, material, and manufacturing technique, the energy efficient motors can accomplish more work per unit of electricity consumed. Since they are crafted using better manufacturing techniques and materials, energy efficient motors generally have higher service factors, longer insulation and bearing lives, lower waste heat output, and less vibration. All these great features intensify the reliability over them. In fact, the manufacturers even offer longer warranties for their most efficient models.

What is IE?

IE refers to “International Efficiency” with class 1, 2 & 3 i.e. IE1 & IE2 & IE3. To keep uniform standards all over the world, a new procedure for the determination of efficiency has been introduced. The New Standard IEC60034-30/IS12615:2011 defines and harmonizes worldwide the IE efficiencies classes for low-voltage three-phase cage induction motors. This standard is made to unify motor testing procedure, determination of efficiency and product labeling requirements, which make it easier for the user to easily identify premium efficiency products. The IE Efficiency classes are stated below.

IE1 – Standard Efficiency (Comparable to EFF2)

IE2 – High Efficiency (Comparable to EFF1)

IE3 – Premium Efficiency

Requirement of Improved Efficiency

On an average, motors account for almost 70% of electrical energy consumed in industries. If you improve the efficiency of electric motors, you can save on energy as well as operating cost, which is more than its purchase cost. The efficiency required as per the new standards can be achieved through better quality of materials and superior production technique for motors. Of course, it would escalate its purchase price but the efficiency would be higher too.

Havells, a leading brand in the world of electrical goods, is the first in India to introduce the complete range of IE2, IE3 Energy Efficient Motors. These robust motors are made using advanced technology to deliver the best performance. Havells range of energy efficient motors is suitable for wide voltage band application, while performing at high temperature. With protection against dust and water, the IE energy efficient motors feature longer life without requiring much maintenance. To know more about the Havells range of IE motors, click here!