On-grid Solar Inverter: A smart choice for your home

On-grid Solar Inverter: A smart choice for your home

On-grid Solar Inverter: A smart choice for your home

Electricity is a necessity- it is needed for every essential aspect of modern life, from charging electronic devices to using kitchen appliances, all require it. But, however vital it may be to our daily lives, one cannot deny that it is a constant cause of worry for many people in India. The ever-fluctuating high tariffs are nearly over four times the generation cost, making India one of the country’s with the highest power rates when compared to other Asian counterparts like Malaysia, Vietnam and China.

Thus, a reliable, cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solution available for all but seldom used which can help to combat the rising power cost problem, is On-grid Solar Rooftop Grids. This system is great for saving money from the variable electricity rates and is popular amongst residential areas where particularly HNI customers who have a decent-sized house, multiple rooms, and types of equipment that use high electricity.

The On-grid solution converts solar power into grid power by installing a series of solar panels which are mounted on the roof and connected to convert solar radiation to electrical energy. The easy-to-install system does not need any batteries and is connected to the utility grid from where it continually gets its electricity supply.

This form of renewable energy with the use of solar panels is essential for homes as it saves tons of money on the power bill as well as contributes towards saving the planet significantly.

The On-grid solar inverter converters direct current output of solar panel to an alternating current and helps to feed it back to the system, has the below advantages –

  • Reduction in electricity bills

The on-grid system comes with a device called a net-meter, which records the monthly use of energy supplied to the grid and drawn from it. Basis the consumption, the net use of power is provided against which the bill is given. However, the payment is only to be made for only the surplus consumption which is dependent as per the state policy . This feature helps in lowering the electrical bills and making the on-grid solar system a worthy investment with high returns.

  • Easy Maintenance

The elimination of batteries or any other additional equipment in the on-grid system makes it an easy to maintenance installation.

  • Clean, Renewable & Durable

The degree of contamination, in this system, is decreased because of the omission of batteries. On-grid is, therefore, an eco-friendly product which has a long lifespan.

Hence, the on-grid solar inverter is a source of renewable energy, making it a smart choice for your home. It is a high-performance product that leads to a good ROI which makes it a solid investment. Leading companies like Havells have different residential on-grid inverters that offer a wide range of inverters from 1.1 kW to 20 kW and 10 years warranty.