Paint Workspaces with Liveliness with Smart Lighting

Paint Workspaces with Liveliness with Smart Lighting

Paint Workspaces with Liveliness with Smart Lighting

Today’s employees are professional polymaths. This term refers to the ability of an individual to possess an infinite amount of knowledge. However, the modern interpretation of this word refers to a process whereby the individual can dip into their knowledge reservoir and apply it to the task at hand. To facilitate this, it becomes important to have an environment that helps them channelize their creativity and work ethics into quantifiable results.

Workspaces have come to realise the same through experience and have begun to implement designs and lighting schemes that uphold functionality with aesthetics. Some of the ways this line of thought has been put into action through the following:

Prioritising creativity

Changing times, bring in tasks that differ from the ones that preceded them. This makes workspace creativity important as employees are expected to think from numerous perspectives. Lighting fixtures offer the much-needed inspiration herein, even more so when they come equipped with a spectrum of shades inspired by transitioning light through the day. Havells Professional LED luminaries are attributed with intensity tuning that stays in sync with sunlight. With them, offices can take one step closer to human centric lighting and WELL standards with these fixtures. Thereby creating a productive combination of wellness and creativity.

Keeping up with the times

In the 21st Century world, working in a workspace whose design belongs to the 80s is counterproductive in nature. This has popularised open floor plans where teams sit right across each other, thereby increasing collaboration, familiarity as well as ideation practices. When the cubicles are done away with, the floor is open for immense design possibilities. For them to be realised, perfect alignment of the lighting scheme is required. Havells brings forth a unique LED light, designed by laying more emphasis on the aesthetics. The Mirage F LED is a freestanding luminaire, designed in a minimalistic manner with an invisible light source. These features make it a perfect tool to illuminate design elements in individual workstations.

Personalising functionality

An office is no longer limited to working, it is also a place where an employee spends the better of their day. Designated rooms for unwinding (play rooms), flexible desk arrangements and design elements that declutter spaces to give a feeling of space and openness are opted for. Illumination when done perfectly, takes the idea of decluttering spaces one step further. Luminaries that are inspired from geometric shapes like the Havells Panel Contour lights give the modular ceilings an aesthetically pleasing look. This further encourages the process of cleaner workspaces.


As workspaces begin to make employee wellness a priority, the lighting scheme becomes critically important. Drawing parallels from natural lighting, Havells India has put together a range of luminaries in architectural lighting and brings to you the Impressions Range. It comprises of products that are both aesthetic and highly functional. The winning feature of luminaries like Mirage F LED and Crescent LED is their low glare output. In addition to this, their long-lasting optics as well as their structure help designers experiment with and realise the endless possibilities to refine the aesthetics of a workspace.

Artificial lighting that is both photobiologically right and environment friendly adds to a certain level of comfort. Additionally, LED lights don’t emit any harmful UV rays and have a wide, soft beam of light that illuminate designs and enable them to deliver the intended effect. The right kind of light when combined with the above-mentioned factors brings liveliness to the workspace and results in doubling both creativity and productivity of employees. Know More.