Stylish Aqua-DX Kettle Not Only Looks Cool, But Also Feels Cool

Stylish Aqua-DX Kettle Not Only Looks Cool, But Also Feels Cool

Stylish Aqua-DX Kettle Not Only Looks Cool, But Also Feels Cool

Early morning blues are understandable. Nobody wants to drag their slumberous body to the kitchen to get some tea, coffee or even hot water to get back to their scheduled senses for the day. So, how about getting an electric kettle which eases your morning task without creating any chaos, sounds good, isn’t it? And yes, given to the fact that there are many kettles in the market, selecting the right one would again be a chore. So, to ease your errand, here’s a brief guide to a premium electric kettle by Havells.

Havells Aqua-DX Kettle

At the very outset, this kettle appears different from its other counterparts due to its cool aqua blue color. The 1500 W appliance features a double wall with 304-grade stainless steel interior, and insulated body which ensures outer body is cool enough to touch, even when the water inside is boiling hot. Havells has designed Aqua-DX kettle with finesse, equipping it with the best-in-class features, backed by the latest technology.

If we talk about its features, the Aqua-DX has a wider mouth for easy filling, pouring and cleaning. Its on/off switch comes with a light indicator so that you get to know when the water is boiled. Moreover, it features the world renowned Strix controller for enhanced user experience and longer life. With a capacity of 1.2 L, this kettle is perfect when you’ve guests at home. Its blue color and illuminated power switch make it appealing, so you don’t need to hide it in the cabinet of the kitchen. You can actually flaunt it on your dining table.

Havells Aqua-DX kettle features stainless steel lid and rim, along with concealed heating element to prevent calcification. Keeping the safety of users in mind, the small appliance has been loaded with auto shut off feature to avoid any mishappening or accident. So, if we talk in concise terms, the Aqua-DX is a complete package with utility and performance, along with an exclusive topping of good looks.

Unlike it’s generally understood, a kettle is not just a plain utility appliance to boil water; it can be used for various other purposes as well. And in fact, a kettle can be a life saving appliance in disguise. Besides making your favorite cup noodles in minutes, you can use this appliance for boiling eggs and rice, making oats, warming baby bottles and other things as well.

To Conclude

So, no more dragging to the kitchen! Get a Havells Aqua-DX electric kettle, and give yourself a hot dose of water or caffeine in the morning in your room itself. Its amazing features and performance will undoubtedly woo you to the core. Click here to know more about the electric kettles by Havells!