Tilt Your Switches Not Your Room

Tilt Your Switches Not Your Room

Tilt Your Switches Not Your Room

It has been long since plain, dull switches have gone modular. Given to the contemporary decor in homes and everything associated exuding elegance, switches too have been given their due upliftment. Whether it’s about the finish, style, color or design, the manufacturers have taken the “electrical switches” to the next level. Today, you get amazingly stylish switches in a number of colors, finishes and designs which are just apt to go along with even the most modern interiors.

Even if the innovation in switches looked at its best, Havells – the premium brand for electrical products – believed that there is still a scope of advancement in the modular switches. And with its R&D team sweating out to deliver the best, Havells has come up with a ground-breaking range of switches which adjust beautifully according to the available space without disturbing your décor. Yes, the Fabio range of switches by Havells is that cool.

Fabio – The Dual Orientation Switches

Seeing that every home is built with special attention to specific needs of each member, making any changes to the decor just to install switches is like a scar to the soul. So, there is a unique range of switch plates by Havells Fabio which gives you the flexibility of installing them vertically or horizontally, while keeping your home décor intact. Featuring contemporary design, the Fabio is actually a unique range of switches that fit in beautifully without causing any disturbance to your interiors.

Best-in-Class Features

Infused with best-in-class safety and design features, the Fabio range of switches features sleek 6mm switch plates with smooth contours to adorn your wall. Its soft action switches ensure less sound and comfortable usage. And the best part of this range is its dual orientation switch plates which can be installed both horizontally and vertically depending upon the space on the walls. The Fabio switches are easy to install, given that they come with shrouded terminals, captive screws and highly engineered snaps which ensure swift front loading and removal.

Made in compliance with IS 3854 : 1997, the Fabio range of switches is crafted out of fire retardant, UV stabilized polycarbonate material which conforms to glow wire test at 650 degree C and ensures no discoloration during lifetime. These switches feature arc shield enclosure that minimizes the visibility of arc, and come with silver cadmium contacts for durability and longetivity. Furthermore, all the switches have laser marking for easy identification of terminals, load specification, range name, and wire cut marking. The Fabio is a RoHS compliant range that has been tested for 100,000 operations of life endurance.

This contemporary range boasts of highly engineered front plates which can withstand abuse during installation, and dust repulsive design for easy maintenance. Its multi rib design on the grids imparts better strength as well. With the trust of ISI mark, the Fabio range is a complete package with a number of cover frames, support modules, sockets, switches, and communication modules. In fact, it also has the entire hospitality range including key tag, shaver socket, HDMI socket, VGA socket, RCA socket, DND and MMR outdoor panel and MMR indoor panel.

In Concise Terms

For obvious reasons, you’ll find many brands that offer modular switches in the market. But Havells Fabio is a unique range of switches which is characterized by dual orientation switch cover frames. It actually gives you the liberty to install switches the way you want without disturbing the décor of your space. If you have narrower space, you can install the frame vertically and likewise, broader space can enjoy horizontal installation. Moreover, its dust repulsive design and fire resistant polycarbonate material are definitely a plus, together with numerous safety and design features. So, with our Fabio range, tilt the switches and not the room, and let your guests be struck by their charm and elegance. For Fabio Switches brochure click here.