Upgrade your fans from ceiling to Feeling Fans

Upgrade your fans from ceiling to Feeling Fans

Upgrade your fans from ceiling to Feeling Fans

Come summers, and the first electrical machine that gets back into action is a ceiling fan. Its the device that’s a savior from the first blow of hot air that knocks us after the cool wintertime. But, with it also comes a problem of maintaining the temperature of the room, with a constant changing of the speed.

However, what if we tell you, not anymore. Yes, our old friend, the ceiling fan has got an upgrade like never before as it enters the world of smart devices. Along with lights, the IoT fans are now a reality, and popular brands like Havells have incorporated Smart Sense Technology that feels the way you feel. It feels sweat, touch, voice and work actively to give you utmost comfort.

So, how do smart fans come into being? It’s a fact that the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity, and the concept of connected homes is on the rise with people increasingly adopting smart home devices. Thus, were developed smart ceiling fans that need to be connected via Wi-Fi and installing the mobile application on either iOS and Android smartphones. The device is also compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home and efficiently works with voice. The remotely managed fans also have the advantage of multi-user access to operate a single fan by many users or a group of fans at the same time through the App.

The smart fans also come packed with other traits like scheduler setting that allows pre-setting the switch on/off time of the fan. Moreover, it also comes equipped with auto modes like Sleep and Breeze for night comfort and natural airflow. It also has a five-level speed control which can be managed with both touch and voice.

But, a not to be missed highlight only available in Havells Carnesia-I, India’s first intelligent ceiling fan, is the ‘Smart Mode’, which senses the temperature and humidity in the room and adjust the fan speed automatically. This outstanding feature truly feels you and adapts to your requirement without you having to touch any smartphone or a speed controller. For this reason, the company calls it the ‘Feeling Fan.’

To conclude, if you are thinking of converting a building into an intelligent architecture, don’t just stop at smart lights but also go for IoT enabled ceiling fans. Equipped with features like smart access, breeze mode, sleep mode, auto on/off, and ‘smart mode’ with temperature and humidity sensing, all at your fingertips, the smart fans are the way forward. Check out Havells range of smart fans by clicking here.