What are Pendant Lights?

What are Pendant Lights?

What are Pendant Lights?

Pendant lights are to a home what salt is to the food. No matter how much you focus on other elements, everything feels incomplete without that one special, magical ingredient. Known as suspenders or drops, Pendant lights are pretty functional and have the ability to impart an elegant look in bedrooms. These light are generally simple and impart a modern or eclectic decorating theme. You must have seen them generally hung over tables and counters but they can actually be used anywhere to create a striking look. You can choose from minimalist task lights or eye-catching works of art to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom.

Styling your Bedroom with Pendant Lights

Bedroom is your own personal space where you might want to read your favorite book, watch a movie, dress up or just doze off. And to create the right mood, you need the right type of lighting. Essentially, lighting experts suggest that layering is essential to get the right illumination at a particular place. We all know about ambient, task and accent lighting, and how they can be utilized in a given space. Here we are focusing on pendant lighting in bedrooms and ways in which you can easily style pendant lights in bedrooms.

Easy ways to style pendant lights in your bedroom

Selecting a suitable pendant that accentuates your home decor is a challenging task. You and your partner might end up spending hours deciding the right pendant lights for your home. Pendant lights can be easily incorporated if your room is big enough and you want to add some visual interest. The first and the easiest way to include pendant lights in your bedroom lighting is to use them in a corner where you might have hung your favorite work of art or a painting done by someone close. Secondly, you can use them over your reading table where it would perfectly work as task lighting. You can install pendant lights to enhance the sitting area and even to light a vanity in the master bedroom. Another area where you can use pendants lights is putting them on either side of the bed; it will impart a contemporary, symmetrical appearance while allowing more space for your bedside essentials.

Points to Consider Before Installing Pendant Light in Bedroom

Ceiling height is one of the most important points to consider before installing pendant lights in bedroom. At least nine feet of ceiling height is a must for this style of lights to look their best. However, it is not applicable if the pendant is to be hung over a countertop or table. In such a case, allow 28 inches to 32 inches above the surface of the table, adjusting a bit as per personal preference and lighting fixture size. When hanging from the ceiling, ensure that the fixtures are hanging high enough, to avoid hitting anyone.

Another major point to consider is that will the fixture be your main source of ambient lighting or do you want to accent particular areas. You can plan and complement the bedroom pendant lights with other lighting like recessed the pendant lights are offered in a wide range of materials, including brushed steel, nickel, bronze, blown glass or stained glass, you can choose what goes best with the theme of your décor.

Besides the material, another thing worth considering is the size of pendant lights. Like any other light fixtures, pendant lights are also available in many sizes. You can choose by what goes best with your space. As far as designs are concerned, you can find a lot of modern, contemporary designs as well as stained glass, Tiffany glass ones to add a striking accent to a traditional decor.

Summing Up

Pendant Lights offer a playful, practical way to illuminate your space while adding a tasteful finish to your bedroom setup. Havells, a premium name in the world of electrical consumables, presents a wide range of lighting fixtures under its Havells Home Art Light segment. You can choose from an array of pendant lights, from minimalistic pieces to majestic ones. All the lights are made from high-grade material while keeping all the safety norms in consideration. So, without any delay, if you’re willing to change the look and feel of your bedroom, Havells is the way to go.