With Havells Magnum, Worry Not Even If You Forget Your Iron On!

With Havells Magnum, Worry Not Even If You Forget Your Iron On!

With Havells Magnum, Worry Not Even If You Forget Your Iron On!

Nothing can beat the feeling of putting on a fresh set of crisp clothes and looking yourself in the mirror before leaving for your work. Definitely a confident personality calls for personal hygiene, grooming as well as chic attire apart from your aptitude. All these together make you self-assured to face the world. When we talk about clothing, you choose the one that suits your taste and gels well with your job profile. However, maintaining the sheen of your dress is equally important to leave a lasting effect. Washing or dry-cleaning the clothes according to the fabric is critical to keep them fresh and odour-free. Moreover, ironing is required to make your clothes germ-free and appear crisp.

Often people don’t give the iron much consideration and usually purchase the one that the shopkeeper suggests. We more or less take it for granted that all irons are same. But this is not true! There are scores of irons available in the market with different features as well. According to your usage, you must carefully select the one that meets your needs. We all know that there are dry irons and steam irons, but they too can have different features. Havells, a premium brand for electrical products, offers a range of garment care products wherein Magnum steals the attention with its unique auto shut off feature in this category.

This 1840 W iron features high-quality non-stick coating on its sole plate which ensures smooth gliding over your clothes. This beauty in blue is aerodynamically designed with a soft grip handle for the ironing comfort and to get the best ironing results. Its anti-drip feature ensures that even if you accidently overload the steam boost function, there won’t be any unwanted drips of water or nasty spitting, which can stain the delicate fabrics. Furthermore, the Magnum is also equipped with anti-scale feature which prevents formation of limescale, while keeping the steam powerful enough.

Vertical and Variable Steam Functions

The Magnum gives you the functionality of both vertical steam and variable steam. Its vertical steam features allows you to remove creases by simply holding the iron in a vertical position at a short distance from the fabric, making it actually convenient for difficult to iron clothes, such as, suits, jackets, curtains, etc. While the variable steam functions enables you to alter the humidity, direction and power of steam flow according the type of fabric you’re ironing. So, you can look after the delicate fabrics like silk and chiffon as well as heavy ones like cotton and linen.

Other Amazing Features

Thanks to the powerful 1840 wattage, the Magnum heats up promptly and provide efficient performance each time you turn it on. It comes with a cord of 1.8 meter which means you don’t have to keep yourself restricted while ironing bigger clothes. Besides all this, the Magnum boasts of an array of features like 360° swivel, self-clean, anti-drip, anti-scale, spray nozzle, adjustable thermostatic control, large tank capacity of 280 ml, steam burst in horizontal and vertical position, etc.

Auto Shut Off Feature to Ensure Safety

Here comes the best part about Magnum. It happens occasionally that we forget to switch off the power of the iron and get engaged in other activities, which could be a real threat to the safety of clothes and most importantly the people around. So, keeping in mind the safety of one and all, Havells has introduced auto shut off feature in its Magnum steam iron which is only one of its kind in this segment. This feature allows the iron to automatically shut off in case it is unattended in vertical and horizontal position after 30 seconds and in normal position after 8 minutes.

So, all in all, with so many exciting features, Havells Magnum is a great buy if you’re looking for a steam iron. Not only it’s efficient for difficult clothes, but takes care of delicate fabrics as well. It is equipped with requisite safety features to ensure protection. Its aerodynamic design plus auto shut off feature makes it absolutely amazing to own. Together with a trust of brand like Havells, the Magnum is definitely a long-term asset to look after your clothes with care.