Corporate Governance

Who we are is defined by what we do and how we do it.

This simple philosophy underlines our approach to Corporate Governance. So, if profit is our intention, how we achieve this profit is a part of our Corporate Governance. For us, Corporate Governance goes beyond philanthropy and compliance but actually deals with how we manage our triple bottom lines – economic, social and environmental impacts. It monitors our role as well as the quality of our relationships in key spheres of influence including the workplace, the market place, the supply chain, the community and the public policy realm.

As a Company, we distinguish ourselves in the market by offering a portfolio of ecologically responsible electrical products and services that deliver powerful, sustainable, and energy efficient solutions that do not compromise on capacity or security.

Our eco-friendly approach is evident in our efforts to develop an alternate energy strategy so as to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We are equally committed to managing a responsible supply chain in a manner that is consistent and compliant with our high standards for environment and business practices.

We recognize that there are barriers that 'constrain innovation, both, in individuals and communities, and we work to overcome them.' We build communities and promote the exchange of ideas through assistive technologies; participative programs and standardization that transforms the way people experience our products. Our energy efficient solutions enable people to save money and protect their capital investment while also lowering their energy usage and protecting the environment.

This contributes to our CSR responsibility of sustenance of depleting environmental resources.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

As a Company we have always worked on the side of ethics and have shunned expediency in any form. We believe that if something is important enough to be done, it is important that we do it ethically. We supplement our traditionally held values of ethical behavior and moral conduct with explicit rules and regulations that guide our efforts in financial, propriety, customer care and business excellence.

We uphold the policy of "Leadership with trust" that has come to play a vital role in how our customers perceive us. This is important, given the climate of unparalleled public distrust of people in positions of power and authority in contemporary business and politics.

Employee Relations

As a Company, we have consistently believed that the best way to fight competition is through improved competence. Our people are the key to our success. So naturally, the rising capabilities of our team will increase our competency and in turn enable us to overcome our impediments. Towards this goal, we offer a structured Learning and Development program that enhances our team capabilities.

To ensure increased competency of our people, we combine competitive compensation along with development and advancement opportunities that reward achievements.

We communicate widely with employees to demonstrate how their efforts contribute to our success and listen patiently to their concerns. We encourage our team members to align with our vision. We sustain a work place environment where communication lines are always open and where everyone's voices are heard.

Our multiple channels of communication include an internal web portal, a Company website, along with communication sessions with the top management. These sessions provide us a level of understanding of employee satisfaction and we apply these leanings to our business planning, management decision-making and Company strategy development.

The end result of our communication outreach is that our employees are cued in to implement Company policies, meet high standards of conduct and ensure that their behavior reflects our corporate values and policies.

We also seek to positively impact levels of health, safety and wellness of our employees. Our facility policies are oriented towards continually reducing risk of occupational injury and illness while promoting employee health and well-being. Our desire is to be and remain a Company where employees are proud to work, and customers, partners and suppliers are eager to do business with.