Magnetic Contactor

Havells Contactor are compact, which gives customer extra space and more flexibility and have a rugged construction as well as long electrical and mechanical life. Havells Contactor and overload relays are ideal for tougher industrial applications.

Contactor and overload relays are widely used in various applications like motor starters, pumps, cranes, welding, resistance furnaces, lighting etc. Be it agriculture, textile, printing & Packaging Industry.Havells Contactor meet the requirements of all the demanding applications in industries with a wide range of 9 A to 800 A AC3 duty.

  • Range : 9 A – 800 A, AC-3 in 8 frames
  • Conforms to IS / IEC 60947-4-1
  • Snap fit construction up to 40 A
  • Completely Shield for dusty atmosphere
  • Nut Retaining Washer for quick termination
  • High Electrical & Mechanical Life
  • DIN rail mounting up to 100 A
  • Terminal Barrier & Shrouds up to 800 A
  • Low VA burden coils

Power Contactor

These contactors are highly reliable in operation. HGS Contactors are available in ranges from 9 A to 800 A (AC-3 duty) in 8 Frames.

Special Duty Contactor

Capacitor duty contactor are specially designed to handle high inrush current associated with capacitor switching.


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