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Imagine an Air Purifier
Not Looking like One

Meditate, an Air Purifier that’s perfect for your home. A peaceful experience inside, stunning looks outside.

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Revolutionary Purification 

Powering Meditate at its core is the  SpaceTech hardware inspired by the technology used in the International Space Station.

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6 Stage Air Purification 

Say Good-Bye To Dust (PM1, PM2.5, PM10) Pollens, Bacteria, Fungal Mold, Microbiological impurities and VOCs In The Most Stylish Way Possible.

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Air Quality Indicator

It comes with an external portable Air Quality Monitor that doubles up as a remote.

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Recharges Air As Well 
As Your Phone

An industry-first IoT enabled Air Purifier that is suitable for large spaces and comes with a wireless charger.

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The AQI Indicator Operates on Three Different Modes 


Fully functional as remote and Air Quality Indicator. The device displays the AQI and can be used as a remote.


The device displays the AQI using the LED indicator. The display is off to conserve battery.


Take the device to other areas in the house to check AQI.

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The AQI Indicator Operates on Three Different Modes 

Control and monitor your device with just a few clicks. Works with Havells SYNC App, Alexa and Google Assistant.