10 beard facts you probably never knew

10 beard facts you probably never knew

10 beard facts you probably never knew

Beard is one of the hottest and ever trending topics in men. The scruffy look once reserved for hippies, mountain men, and lumberjacks, is now a fashion amongst males across various professions, be it the fashion runways, billboard models or in business conferences.

This popular men’s look has always been a topic of conversation mainly because of its mixed reaction from women. Though many have started appreciating the well-kept bush of facial mane in men, there is still a section who thinks otherwise. With men themselves, a beard can be a reason of both envy and admiration between them. But, regardless of the emotions or discussion it raises, one fact is clear-no one can ignore it.

Thus, today, let’s look at 10 facts about a beard that many probably didn’t know-

1. Let’s talk numbers

The average beard grows 5.5 inches of facial hair in a year. It is made up of about 30,000 whiskers, and if it was never trimmed, then the average beard would be of an astounding 27’ 6″ at the time of his death.

2. Beard tax

This is a bizarre fact. Yes, the beard was once taxed by modern-thinker Peter the Great, Tsar to the Russian Empire in the late 17th century. He was a firm believer of the clean-shaven look and believed beards to be a thing of the past. He imposed a tax of 100 rubles per year to all who grew a beard. Furthermore, under his regime, noblemen sporting them were made to carry a license and a medallion that said: “The beard is a useless burden.”

3. Saves times

Did you know males wastes on an average of 3,350 hours, 4.5 months or 139 full days shaving? Yes, keeping that clean look takes that much time apart from dragging yourself out of bed every morning.

Thus, a good reason to think about either growing or keeping that lock of facial hair is saving time. This may raise a few eyebrows because it is believed that maintaining a beard is a tedious task. But, in reality, if you do it right, it will take less time than regular shaving.

4. Good for your health

Beard is considered to have a positive effect on health and well-being primarily because it protects the skin from harmful UV rays, up to 95% in most cases as per a study. It also protects from critical illnesses like skin cancer and even shields from sunburns.

Keeping a beard can be a smart move for another reason, hide visible signs of ageing around the face, head and neck. So, for good health, the longer the facial hair, the better it is.

5. Link between beards & baldness

Men are known to go through the mid-age receding hairline crisis. But what if we told you that there is a correlation between the beard and the hair? As per a study conducted in 1988, hair thinning happens because of thermoregulatory reasons which mean, the additional heat retention provided by the beard affects the scalp hair.

6. Protects against allergens

A beard filter is a great way to keep away from allergens and other airborne bacteria as it drives them away from the mouth and thus, improve health. So, by taking the basic care of the beard, i.e. washing it, using beard oils, etc. a man can keep away from cold and other forms of allergies.

7. Grows better in summers

Want to grow a beard faster, grow it in summers. Yes, it’s proven that beard growth rates dramatically increase during the summer months, taking a peak in July, August and September. The reason is related to an increase in testosterone levels, which are the lowest during the winter and fastest during the summer.

8. Beard is a night-bird

It is also said that the beard grows the best during the night time than the day. The reason, the body relaxes, repairs and detoxes itself during the sleep, which further helps to boost a weakened immune system and hence, growth of better facial hair.

9. Raises strong emotions

Few thought the normal thing like facial hair could arise strong feelings amongst people. One such emotion is that of fear where some people have abnormal and persistent anxiety of beards. This disorder is called Pogonophora. Some common symptoms of it include sweating, nausea shortness of breath, rapid breathing, and irregular heartbeat.

On the contrary, people who love the beard on them or others are called Pogonophilia.

10. A pizza company policy and beard

Woah, this will astonish many. Domino’s Pizza before the year 2000, had the policy of being clean-shaven. The company later changed the policy and allowed beards, mainly because of growing societal acceptance and trend of keeping a goatee and then the stubble.

So, after reading the interesting facts, for those men who want to either grow or keep their beard in good shape, we recommend opting for a reliable trimmer. Haveslls, with its advanced products, can give a smooth, hassle-free, precise and a quick shave.