As a manufacturing-oriented organization that works on the principle of 'Make in India', we do not focus on productivity alone. We work towards creating harmony between manufacturing output and efficiencies that deliver social, economic and environmental sustainability.

We have adopted world-class technology and automation to ensure that we produce our goods efficiently with emphasis on conservation of energy and water in a sustainable manner. We pursue methodology of Total Quality Managment to improve product quality and recycle and reuse our waste materials.

We lay great emphasis on employee safety and accord it utmost priority. We have created and sustain a work culture that is inspired by the Japanese Kaizen methodology.

Each plant works towards energy and process efficiency along with being socially responsible towards the resources of the village or town it is housed in.

Ghiloth has been awarded with GOLD rating by “Indian Green Building Council” by IGBC in 2021.


Established : 2004

Did you know?
  • Our is the largest and most automated water heater plant in India
  • Plant Area : 194249 square metre
  • Manufactures : Lighting fixtures, CFLs, HID Lamps and Motors


Established : 1996

Did you know?
  • Havells industrial and domestic cables are manufactured in Alwar, Rajasthan. It is spread over an area of 404686 square metre & is the largest integrated single location cable plant in the country.
  • Plant Area : 404686 square metre
  • Manufactures : Cables and Domestic Cables


Established : 2004

Did you know?
  • We are India's No.1 MCB manufacturer.
  • Plant Area : 21254 square metre
  • Manufactures : Switches and MCB's


Established : 2004

Did you know?
  • We have the largest integrated fan factory in India located at Haridwar, Uttrakhand.
  • Manufactures : Ceiling fans, TPW, Personal fans and Domestic exhaust fans.


Established : 1993

Did you know?
  • Havells is India's first ACB with "C3" technology using common height, depth & panel door cut-out.
  • Area : 13936 square metre
  • Manufactures : Havells domestic and industrial switchgear – distribution boards, changeover switches, control panels, switch disconnectors and fuses


Established : 2009

Did you know?
  • Sahibabad is state-of-the-art low voltage power capacitor manufacturing plant at Sahibabad, with machinery from Switzerland.
  • Total area : 11149 square metre
  • Manufactures: Industrial switchgear – ACBs, MCCB, Load banks
  • Capacitors, CFL components


Established : 2018

Did you know?
  • Highly automated AC plant - The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art injection molding machines, press shop, robots and automated guiding vehicles.
  • Area : 202343 square metre
  • Manufactures: Air Conditioner
  • Awarded with GOLD rating by “Indian Green Building Council” by IGBC in 2021