Terms & Conditions

Havells Happiness Program (hereinafter referred to as “Program”), is a program conceived, owned, and managed by Havells India Limited (“HIL” or “Program Owner”) and is valid throughout India, except in regions where it is prohibited by law and is applicable on purchase of selective products under brand Havells/Lloyd only. List of eligible products are available at Annexure – 1 (“Eligible Products”).

This Program is open only for Indian citizen(s) residing in India who is 18 years of age or above, on purchase of Eligible Product(s) and meeting the criteria as specified by HIL hereunder. No fee is payable by the customer to enrol as a member in this Program.

A customer can avail program benefits only on registering the purchased Eligible Product(s) with HIL for warranty.

Program Benefits shall not, under any circumstances, applicable to purchase made by or in or for - Bulk, Commercial, Institutional Consumer, Havells Dealers, Retailers (including their family members), employees – direct or indirect and Havells promoters (ISP/ISD) (SEC) engaged at outlets.



  1. "Bulk Purchase" means any purchase of Eligible Products under this Program beyond the permissible limit of 25 products in a year and “Bulk Purchaser” refers to the person in whose name such purchase is concluded and who is ineligible to avail any benefits under this Program.
  2. "Commercial" means and refers to purchase of Eligible Products for or with the intent to resell/ trade such product(s) to any third party and includes grant of use to any Institutional Consumer.
  3. “Customer” means and refers to individual who has purchased Eligible Product(s).
  4. “Institutional Consumer” means and refers to person other than an individual. E.g., Company, Hospital etc.
  5. "Member" means an individual who is an Indian resident between the age of 18 to 80 years and who has enrolled himself / herself by fulfilling the membership criteria defined for the Program.
  6. "Tokens" or “Happiness Tokens” means the tokens awarded to a Member upon meeting /achieving the criteria assigned by the Program Owner and credited into the Member’s account.
  7. “Program Benefits” means and refers to the Happiness Tokens and Benefits under the Program and “Program Website” means and refers to www.havells.com
  8. "Reward(s)" means entitlement(s) available to the Member upon redemption of his/her Tokens, wholly or in part(s), from his/her membership account, subject to the terms & conditions contained herein.

A. Membership Eligibility & Enrolment

  1. Eligibility: Starting  4th June 2024, any Customer who has purchased & registered Eligible Product(s) in last 180 days.
  2. Customers can enrol and avail benefits only on registration of Eligible Products with valid serial no. and their successful verification by HIL as per its process.
  3. Customers can enrol in program on successful registration of the purchased Eligible Product(s) with Havells only as per process below:

    Product registration Process:
    1. Online through Sync App & Havells WhatsApp Handle (9711773333)
      1. Step 1: Scan QR code available on Product box
      2.    Step 2: Share Name, Mobile no.

      3. Step 3: Share Invoice date & Upload Invoice

    2. Offline through Service Technician
      1. Ensure correct details (Name, Product S.No, Invoice date & Invoice copy) are shared with technician for product registration while availing services like Installation, PMS & Breakdown
  4. Enrolment as a Member and availing of Program Benefits can only be done basis mobile no. & name mentioned during registration of Product with Havells.
  5. Enrolment can be done through Havells Sync App, Havells WhatsApp Handle (9711773333) & Havells website (www.havells.com)
  6. Enrolment process:
    1. Step 1: Click on Enrol Now in above mentioned platforms
    2. Step 2: Share Date of Birth, Email Id and consent for communication & program terms and conditions (Details like Name, Mobile no., Gender would be taken from data shared during product registration)

      On successful enrolling as a Member with Mobile number/Email-Id duly registered, member will be sent confirmation through SMS/Email.
  7. Member(s) to use their registered mobile no. for any future transaction and to avail of the benefits/privileges being offered under the Program.

B. Tier Assignment & Eligibility


  1. PLUS tier will be assigned on successful enrolment into the program
  2. Tier would be automatically upgraded on fulfilling criteria as mentioned below: -

    Tier Tier Upgrade Eligibility Renewal to Retain same tier
    PRIVILEGE Rs.75,000
    cumulative Loyalty Eligible amount in 2 yrs. from the date of registration as a member
    cumulative Loyalty Eligible amount in 2 yrs. from the date of registration as a member
    PREMIUM Rs.10,000
    cumulative Loyalty Eligible amount in 2 yrs. from the date of registration as a member
    Rs. 10,000
    cumulative Loyalty Eligible amount in 2 yrs. from the date of registration as a member
    PLUS On Enrollment Below Rs. 10000

    Loyalty Eligible amount= 70% of Eligible Product MRP
  3. The tier membership would be renewed automatically every 2 years except that the renewal at the same Tier shall be subject to meeting the criteria stated above on the renewal due date
  4. On failing to meet above mentioned criteria on renewal date the Member would be downgraded to the bottom Tiers.

C. Program Benefits Applicability

Monetary Tokens* 1% 2% 3%
Welcome bonus token 100 100 100
Birthday Gift e-store voucher (in Rs)   200 200
Priority Service One touch call back
30 sec call pick up
Dedicated vRelationship team
Assured on-site technician visit within 24hrs    
Intallation within 24hrs (Top Cities)    
e-Purchase Rewards e-store welcome vouchers ( in Rs.)   2 x 250 4 x 250
Free delivery (Online Sales)  


  1. All members will receive one time 100 Bonus Tokens on successful enrolment in the Program (Irrespective of tier)
  2. Program Benefits can only be availed using mobile no. & name mentioned during enrolment in the Program.
  3. Allocation of Tokens is dependent on the Loyalty eligible amount of the registered Eligible Products and Tier in the program. (Loyalty Eligible amount = 70% of Product MRP).
  4. Tokens would be awarded in integers and would be rounded off to nearest integer in case of calculated Tokens happens to be in decimal.
  5. Tokens shall be awarded subject to the purchase not falling under “Bulk Purchase” and registration of purchased Eligible Product(s) by the Customer(s).
  6. Birthday gift e-store voucher would only be available for redemption during birthday month (One month validity) of PREMIUM & PRIVILEGE tier Members.
  7. One Touch call back, call pick up within 30 sec and Dedicated Relationship team for loyalty Members would be available during 8 am to 8 pm on all working days.
  8. One touch call back benefit is available through Havells Sync App only.
  9. Premium & Privilege tier Members shall be eligible to get 2 and 4 Havells e-store welcome vouchers of Rs. 250 each respectively for redemption against product purchase at Havells e-store ( www.havells.com )
  10. Havells e-store welcome vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of issuance.
  11. Assured on-site technician visit within 24hrs and Installation within 24hrs would be provided to PRIVILEGE tier members during working days in cities mentioned in Annexure 2.
  12. Free delivery would only be applicable for Eligible Products purchased through Havells e-store ( www.havells.com )

D.  Token Redemption

  1. Each Token earned will have value of INR 1, Token value at redemption may change without prior notice.
  2. Token can be redeemed by the Member only basis mobile no. verification and not by any third person on behalf of the Member.
  3. Tokens shall be valid and can be redeemed within 2 yrs. from the date of accrual after which the tokens shall lapse/ stand forfeited.
  4. Transaction details of the Tokens shall be available in Havells Sync App and can be checked by Members on Havells Website basis registered mobile no.
  5. Token transaction details would also be sent through SMS & Email on periodic basis.
  6. Tokens can only be redeemed after 24 hrs of accumulation/earning by Member.
  7. Tokens cannot be redeemed in same transaction in which tokens are getting awarded.
  8. Member(s) can redeem their accumulated tokens for corresponding denomination only at Authorised Offline/Online Stores (Eligible outlets) on all products. Details of Eligible Outlets can be searched on HIL’s website and app by choosing brand store locater option.
  9. Member can redeem a maximum of 18,000 tokens in a calendar year, balance will carry forward subject to Token validity.
  10. Tokens can also be redeemed towards other redemption options as may be available on Program website from time to time.
  11. Tokens can be redeemed against purchase of all Havells/Lloyd product which are in stock at eligible outlets.
  12. Member needs to check for availability of redemption of tokens at authorised channels when intending to do so.
  13. Tokens once redeemed by the Member cannot be cancelled.
  14. HIL shall not be liable and responsible in case the Member fails to redeem the Tokens.

E. Product Returns and Refund Adjustments

  1. Tokens credited to membership account would be reversed in case purchased Eligible Product(s) for which tokens were credited, is returned due to any reason.
  2. In such case of product return, the membership enrolment or tier upgrade shall be cancelled, or restored to status as it stood prior to the purchase, including, and not limited to reversal of any tokens and privileges credited during the intervening period.
  3. In case the balance tokens in the membership account are less than the tokens required to be reversed or have been used by the Member in any manner whether fully or partially, amount equivalent to the used Happiness tokens shall be debited from the refund amount by the Eligible outlets.
  4. Tokens once redeemed by the Member would not be credited back on cancellation or return of product by member.
  5. Happiness tokens, benefits and privileges are non-transferable/ non-assignable.

F. Member Obligations and Responsibilities

  1. By participating in the Program, each Member represents and warrants that he/she is legally competent to enter into binding contracts under applicable laws and all information provided by the Member regarding his/ her name, DOB, state, city, address, phone number, etc. is true, correct, accurate and complete.
  2. Member warrants that he/she is authorized to provide such information and consents for the use of such information by Havells.
  3. Once the Member enters the above information, he/she cannot make any changes to the same. Any change required shall have to be informed to HIL at Havells Happiness helpdesk through 08045771313 / 08045775666 or customercare@havells.com and the same shall be subject to submission of requisite documents (as will be informed to Member from case-to-case basis). HIL reserves the right to reject the request for change if it is not satisfied with the reason for change or the documents submitted by the Member.
  4. No claims shall be entertained in this regard against HIL.
  5. By getting enrolled in Program the Member voluntarily agrees to receive Program specific or promotional communication regarding HIL Products. Member hereby understand that all information provided by Member will be protected.
  6. HIL reserves the absolute right to amend the terms and conditions of the Program or cancel or discontinue the Program or any part thereof without giving any reasons or prior notice.
  7. HIL reserves the right to substitute the Rewards under this Program with any other offer or tokens etc at its sole discretion.
  8. Program shall be void, if prohibited by law. In such case, HIL shall not be liable to provide any gift(s)/ Rewards or compensation to the Member on any account.
  9. By participating in the Program, the Member agrees that the HIL shall not be liable for any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Program or with the acceptance, possession, or use of Rewards (except any liability which may not be excluded under applicable law).
  10. Member hereby agrees to indemnify and keep the HIL, their directors, officers, representatives, employees, and agents harmless against all claims, issues and liabilities arising out of registering and/or availing of this Program by the Customer/Member.
  11. Members must not act in way that breaches these Terms & Conditions or abuse or misuse the Program, any rewards, benefits, facilities, services, or arrangements because of Membership.
  12. A Member cannot encash / sell / purchase / transfer / assign the reward tokens. The tokens can only be used/redeemed for purchases at Eligible Offline/ Online Outlets.
  13. Member can only earn reward tokens as per the terms and conditions of the Program or as per the scheme offered under the Program. In case of death of a member, all reward tokens accumulated will cease and no transfer/ encashment of the Tokens will be made.
  14. Member(s) is responsible for regularly checking their Membership Account and must notify HIL of any omissions, incorrect entries or other discrepancies.
  15. Member(s) will be solely responsible to maintain the confidentiality of his/her own membership account. Member(s) agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under their account.
  16. Members shall themselves be responsible for the awareness of the Program rules and their entitlements and redemption of the reward tokens. HIL shall not be responsible or liable for the failure of any communication to reach the Member if Member has provided incorrect details or has not updated any changes in his/her details.
  17. All applicable taxes including but not limited to income (withholding) tax and any other statutory levy as may be applicable from time to time in relation to the reward tokens shall be borne by the Member.
  18. The Member is solely responsible for any other expense related to the acceptance of Reward and HIL shall not in any manner be liable or responsible for the same.

G. Communication in Program

  1. All communication with Members will be made through WhatsApp/e-mail and/or SMS as per the contact details mentioned in the enrolment form. All communication directed to this address, or any other address intimated in writing to the Havells Happiness Program, will be deemed to have been received by the Member.
  2. Any change in the address, or other profile update details must be done by the Member through the consumer registration portal. Consumer may take guidance for the same by calling HIL Member Helpline number at 08045771313 / 08045775666
  3. In case of discrepancy of token calculation, Member can raise complaint within 07 days of token credit at customercare@havells.com. Failure to report any discrepancy within 07 days of the Token credit by the Member shall be deemed that the Member has no dispute on the accumulated Tokens and Member has unconditionally accepted the Token Statement as final.
  4. HIL shall have the right to review the token awarding process and make necessary amendments, if required.
  5. In case of any issue or concern related to this Program, please raise it to Havells Happiness helpdesk at 08045771313 / 08045775666 from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM, Monday to Saturday (Excluding National Holidays), within 30 days of the issue or concern occurrence, beyond which no issue or concern shall be entertained by HIL.

H. HIL Rights Disclaimers

  1. Right to verify the credentials / other details of the consumer applying for membership or even enrolled Member at any stage and allow or disallow or terminate membership to Program without giving any reasons whatsoever, is reserved.
  2. In case of any discrepancy or mismatch in the name / DOB of the consumer/ Member at any stage of the Program period, membership and/or benefits can be put on hold or be made unavailable and may even extend to withdrawal of the benefits wrongly availed by the Member. Decision of HIL in this regard shall be final and no challenge shall be entertained. To resolve such disconnects, consumer needs to reach the dedicated helpline or respond to calls from HIL including submission of requested documents for verification/ re-verification.
  3. HIL shall not be responsible for non-availability of this Program at any Outlet(s). Customers are advised to check the availability of this Program before making any purchase from any of the Outlet(s).
  4. HIL at its sole discretion reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of these terms and conditions, benefits, rewards or reward levels pertaining to the Program from time to time.
  5. HIL reserves the right to discontinue the Program or terminate membership of an individual without assigning any reason whatsoever. In case of termination of the Program by HIL, the member will be given an option to redeem the accumulated tokens by the date specified by HIL failing which all tokens shall stand forfeited. Accrual of Tokens under this Program will cease immediately on termination of the Program.
  6. HIL reserves the right to withhold/deactivate i.e., reject or block the membership respectively, at any point of time in case the Customer/Member is found breaching the terms and conditions of this Program or using Fraudulent Means to register as a member. “Fraudulent Means” include but are not limited to not disclosing that it is a Bulk Purchaser (refer Annexure 1), registering for someone else’s purchased Eligible Product, etc. In case any fraud is suspected, the Membership shall be deactivated by HIL and in such case all reward tokens accrued shall become null and void and no claims shall be entertained in this regard. Also, while the Membership is on hold neither any fresh tokens shall be credited to the account on fresh purchase, nor a Member can redeem any reward tokens in his/her account.
  7. Further, HIL reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the value of any reward tokens from the Member’s balance in such scenarios. HIL reserves the right to adjust a member’s total reward tokens if reward tokens have been incorrectly credited for any reason. HIL shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered resulting from withholding/cancellation/ withdrawals made in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  8. Decision, interpretation of HIL in relation to the Program and the matters incidental thereto shall be final and binding on the Member(s).
  9. Additional terms may be applicable for redemption of the Tokens for Rewards if HIL offers other brands’ offerings as options to Members and Members agree to abide by the same. It is clarified that HIL shall not be responsible for such additional terms of participating third parties.
  10. HIL reserves the right to change the product categories and limits of Eligible Products as mentioned in Annexure A on which the Happiness Tokens are issued from time to time.
  11. Membership can be put on hold for review and cancelled (in case Member fails review/ validation process) in the following circumstances – (a) if a Member is found ineligible based on the program eligibility clauses including but not limited to age, relationship with HIL and purchase purpose, or (b) if a Member is found to have acted in contravention to terms of the Program or (c) in case of any discrepancy in invoice/ actual payment/ description and/or amount of product mentioned on the invoice etc. or (d) in case of any suspicious behaviour or (e) for security of Membership account. When Membership has been put on ‘hold,’ HIL may request supporting document including but not limited to Invoice, Personal Identification, undertaking(s) for review/ validation of Membership purposes.

Annexure 1

Fair Use Condition Grid/ Bulk Purchase

Customer/ Member shall receive Tokens in accordance with Membership Tier. In case the purchase made by Customer/ Member is outside the category or exceeds 25 products in a year they will not be eligible to receive any tokens on the excess purchase. And Customer/ Member shall not be eligible for a membership upgrade.

Categories Eligible for enrolment in program and earning Happiness Tokens:


Note 1: *Happiness Tokens applicable on purchase of a complete AC unit comprising both Indoor and Outdoor unit in a single invoice. No tokens shall be rewarded on purchase of only indoor or only outdoor unit.



Assured on site technician visit and installation within 24hrs for PRIVILEGE Tier members in Happiness program would be provided in below mentioned cities only:

  9. KOCHI
  12. DELHI
  15. INDORE
  17. JAIPUR
  19. KANPUR
  24. MUMBAI
  25. NAGPUR
  26. NASHIK
  27. NOIDA
  28. PATNA
  29. PUNE
  30. RAIPUR
  31. RAJKOT
  32. RANCHI
  35. SURAT
  36. TRICHY