Where The Mind Is Free And The Opportunities Are Plenty

For the 6700+ professionals who are part of our team across 39 branches and representative offices worldwide, the freedom to grow is a fundamental right. By nurturing a merit based environment that respects talent, celebrates achievement, and rewards growth, we offer fast tracked careers that are limited only by your ambition.

The management team at Havells continues to be guided by QRG's philosophy of simplicity, transparency and trust.


Anil Rai Gupta (CMD)

A Place where diverse talents come together

Why Havells?

  • Freedom to experiment, fail, re-learn and grow.

  • Challenge the convention and innovate to be future ready.

  • Success stories that fuel Havells growth.

To this end we sustain an enabling policy framework that is employee centric, not merely task centric.

  • Our ideas policy encourages employees across hierarchy to share ideas that will lead to personal and corporate improvement and better outcomes.
  • Our open door policy encourages employees to fearlessly communicate their thoughts to the management.
  • We offer a non-discriminatory work environment, and have special policies and practices to respect time and space of everyone.


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Culture of Curiosity

Culture of Curiosity

Fostering a culture where curiosity is nurtured, possibilities are explored, and every voice is heard and valued.

Fuelled by Entrepreneurship

Fuelled by Entrepreneurship

Embrace the opportunity at hand and take the ownership to grow professionally and personally

Committed to Employee Well-Being

Committed to Employee Well-Being

At our core, we're selfishly committed to ensuring your happiness and well-being

Boundaryless & Egoless Culture

Boundaryless & Egoless Culture

Foster a culture of Collective Growth and Innovation

Employee Testimonials

Life at Havells Shubham Verma

Gaurav Paliwal

Branch Head

Western UP

Havells has provided me with an opportunity to advance my career and make a meaningful contribution. The leadership team is accessible and receptive to new ideas, creating an exciting and rewarding work environment. I have been with the organization for nearly 8 years, during this journey I have progressed into a leadership role with the mentoring and guidance of my seniors. The company has consistently encouraged me to pursue my vision and has supported me with the necessary resources.

Kumbhani Nitinbhai

Management Trainee - Sales

Nagpur Branch

"Participating in the Havells Young Leaders Program has been a transformational experience, providing me with comprehensive practical exposure in the FMEG industry through various stints and plant visits which have enabled me to gain invaluable insights and hands-on knowledge that are crucial for my professional growth. I am confident that the skills and experiences gained here will enable me to achieve my career aspirations in International Business and Marketing. I eagerly look forward to continuing my association with Havells and contributing to its vision.


Rishabh Mishra

Senior Engineer


Working at CRI (Center for Research and Innovation) at Havells has been an incredible journey. The freedom to make decisions and take ownership of projects makes our work deeply fulfilling. The approachable nature of everyone here encourages constant learning and growth. The fantastic work-life balance and world-class manufacturing setups offer unparalleled learning opportunities. Every day, I am inspired by the diverse minds around me, which makes each day exciting and full of new insights. Havells is truly a place where innovation thrives, and I am proud to be part of this dynamic team.

Vishwaprasanna Hariharan

Industrial Designer


Having joined Havells through campus placements at IIT Guwahati, I've had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons here that have shaped my approach as a designer. The company encourages a structured work environment focused on achieving key performance indicators. While there's a strong emphasis on aligning projects with organizational goals, this ensures clarity and efficiency in our work. The HR policies emphasize consistency in work hours and leave practices, providing a stable foundation for productivity.

Sayan Majhi

Management Trainee - Sales

Ludhiana Branch

“Havells’ remarkable induction program is very delightful. This initiative offers extensive exposure across various business segments, providing a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations. The cooperative workspace, coupled with supportive and understanding senior leaders, fosters a welcoming environment. Additionally, the program allows ample time for personal growth and learning, ensuring a balanced and enriching experience.”