Where The Mind Is Free And The Opportunities Are Plenty

For the ~7500 professionals who are part of our team across 39 branches and representative offices worldwide, the freedom to grow is a fundamental right. By nurturing a merit based environment that respects talent, celebrates achievement, and rewards growth, we offer fast tracked careers that are limited only by your ambition.

The management team at Havells continues to be guided by QRG's philosophy of simplicity, transparency and trust.


Anil Rai Gupta (CMD)

Why Havells?

  • Freedom to experiment, fail, re-learn and grow.

  • Challenge the convention and innovate to be future ready.

  • Success stories that fuels Havells growth.

To this end we sustain an enabling policy framework that is employee centric, not merely task centric.

  • Our ideas policy encourages employees across hierarchy to share ideas that will lead to personal and corporate improvement and better outcomes.
  • Our open door policy encourages employees to fearlessly communicate their thoughts to the management.
  • We offer a non-discriminatory work environment, and have special policies and practices to respect time and space of everyone.

Employee Testimonials

Life at Havells Shubham Verma

Aayush Jha


Encouraged to outdo myself

Joining Havells has been one of the best professional decisions of my life. Immediately after my training of 15 days, I was inducted in the Research and Development Department, which is much like a dream come true for any engineer. I have the freedom to initiate projects, have open brainstorming sessions with my colleagues. I am also constantly encouraged to outdo myself.

Shivangi Chahal

Deputy Manager(Sales)

Disciplined & respectable working hours

In today's corporate world, disciplined and respectable working hours, and culture are hard to find. At Havells, we are encouraged to work productively during only working hours. Late working hours are strictly discouraged for all employees, and especially for women. By 5 pm we are all expected to end our work day, which allows us to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Neeraj Panghal


Growth by performance

At Havells, if you are eager to learn, and willing to prove yourself, the organization will trust you with its most important tasks as well. We provide an array of facilities and tailored programs, for various departments, to support the new talent. The fabric of this organization is full of individuals who are self-motivated, disciplined and eager to prove their merit. As managers, our work becomes more focussed on ethical business development as the positive culture of the organization takes care of everyone's needs and requirement. To connect with everyone, across departments, across profiles is as important as it is to understand the work culture and manufacturing system inside-out. If you perform, you will grow. That is the mantra at Havells.

Jaskaran Singh Nanda


It's a pleasure to work here

Havells takes care of all of its employees whether they are a plant/factory worker or a manager in the corporate office. It is visible in the state-of-the-art plants, hygiene and care provided for the employees and their families. Havells takes great pride in doing the very best possible for all of us, and it is visible in every action taken by the organisation. There are equal opportunities for everyone to share their ideas, take up projects and grow in the organisation. It's a pleasure to work here for sure.