Living Green Ethos. Innovating New Efficiencies. Driving Consumer Satisfaction. This is the motto of our triple bottom line performance. Havells India Limited has a strong global footprint with privileged market dominance. We are one of the fastest and most diversified FMEG manufacturers with 17 business verticals.

"We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We believe that engaging with our stakeholders, measuring our progress against sustainable growth aspects and transparently disclosing our triple bottom line performance will allow us to improve our performance, and be active on the journey of continuous self-evaluation and improvement."

Mr. Anil Rai Gupta,

Our Sustainability Vision

We, at Havells, are focussed on delivering powerful, sustainable and energy efficient solutions. In order to sustain our growth, we are working towards innovative practices in our daily operations while fulfilling our socio-environmental obligations. In our pursuit, we have started working towards identifying and implementing systems and processes for ensuring a sustainable future for our organization, our people and the society as a whole.

Our sustainability vision is to:

  • Reduce CO2 Emissions
  • Improve Environmental Protection
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Offer Profitable Solutions to Market

Havells Product Range Is Radioactive Free

In FY 2013-14, Havells eliminated the use of trace Kr-85 radioactive isotope from the entire CMI (Ceramic Metal Halide) lighting range. No product of Havells now has radioactive components.

At Havells India Limited, "sustainability" means that we conduct our business in a manner that supports the need for future generations to enjoy a quality of life that is at least equal to that which we enjoy today. In this regard, "sustainability" means striking the appropriate balance between our environmental responsibilities, financial performance, and social commitments. Only through achieving this balance on a continuing basis can the Havells enterprise truly be sustainable.

In our endeavour to achieve this, we now have:

  • 4 zero water discharge facilities
  • No hazardous elements in 4 of our products: CMI Lamps, Cables, Wires, LEDs
  • 2 renewable energy initiatives: Biomass, Solar lamps
  • 4 resource conservation initiatives across plants

Currently 70 Percent of our Product Offering is Energy-Efficient.

We are constantly working towards improving our sustainability data collection systems, and disclosing our performance across various social and environment aspect areas, besides economic, including employee learning & development practices, health & safety performance, product responsibility initiatives, approach and initiatives for CSR, innovation in raw materials use, energy footprint and mitigation initiatives, and water use management beside others. 

The details of these and our other sustainability initiatives and achievements can be found in our annual.