Havells Steps

At Havells, we believe in a journey of small steps that lead to meaningful change in people’s lives. Therefore, all our CSR initiatives are called STEPS “Chhote Kadam Badi Soch”.

Chhote Kadam Badi Soch

Corporate social responsibility has always been one of the focal points of our operating principles. Since our inception, we have been working closely with communities around our operations and have been undertaking initiatives to create opportunities so that these people, especially the marginalised among them, have a chance to improve their lives. We have a robust project selection process, which is reviewed by the CSR Internal Committee, which places the shortlisted projects alongside the budget before the Board for its approval. These initiatives are aimed at improving healthcare, education, water supply and sanitation as well as restoration of traditional art and protection of heritage.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, our CSR initiatives are focused at delivering maximum value to the society. Company’s approach to CSR has been more than just compliance. Our social initiatives started way before CSR was mandated by the government under the Companies Act, 2013.

Social & Environmental responsibility has always been at the forefront of Havells’ operating philosophy and as a result the Company consistently contributes to socially responsible activities. Havells CSR Policy is deep rooted in the Company’s core values of quality, reliability and trust and driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business. Havells CSR ethos are motivated by the belief that small steps lead to meaningful change in people’s lives “Chhote Kadam Badi Soch”. As a responsible corporate citizen, we aim to integrate sustainable practices into our core business strategy. Our CSR & Sustainable development efforts are aligned with 17 global goals to deliver structured contribution and efforts. We look at holistic development which cuts across various disciplines thus targeting 360° wellbeing of an individual and community. We plan and implement measures that look at long-term viability of the project through awareness programs, community involvement and budgeting funds for maintenance of the project post implementation where feasible.

We employ technology and app-based platform for managing the CSR projects in addition to physical inspection, thus leading to additional tools to ensure the impact reaches the beneficiaries directly.

While at Havells CSR is carried out with the sole philosophy of giving it back to the society, this year Havells was conferred the ICSI CSR Excellence Award “Best Corporate Medium” by Institute of Company Secretaries of India recognizing the responsible work being done by the Company in the identified areas. Our projects were conceptualized only after doing proper need assessment and the fact that all the beneficiaries to be impacted have shown positive feedback (validated by third party as well).

CSR Monitoring

Robust review mechanism


Appointment of third party for impact assessment


Periodic & surprise visits by the corporate and local CSR teams


Milestone based monitoring of projects


Adherence to terms and conditions of MoUs/agreements

Our Initiatives

Havells believes in touching many aspects of human life. And over the years we have embarked on the journey of social change through inclusive growth dedicated to the cause of our future and future generations. With children at the core, our CSR efforts revolves around, eight strong pillars of Health & Nutrition, Education, Skill Development, Sanitation, Healthcare, Environment, Heritage Conservation and other Humanitarian Causes.

These pillars not only move hand in hand with the ones envisioned by the government but are also a part of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Most of our CSR activities revolves around improving the lives and livelihood of communities where we operate.

Impact At a glance

Over 95 Million

Over ninety five million meals served since 2005

Over 5000

Over 5000 Electricians have been upskilled & certified in PAN India

Over 70000

Feeding Over 70,000 Students Daily Across 700+ Government Schools

Over 7 lac

Over 7 lac women benefitting from reusable sanitary pads

Over 5000

Over 5000 Pairs of tables and benches donated to schools

Over 21 lac

Over 21 lac Teak plantation in Madhya Pradesh

CSR Videos

At Havells, we believe in a journey of small steps that lead to meaningful change in people’s lives. We further believe in the concept of Shubh-Laabh that suggests doing good deeds and profits would follow. As an organization, we are committed to continuously improving our social responsibilities to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others by aligning our initiatives to achieve goals of sustainability. We have realized that the only way forward for us as a nation is by giving back to the land which has given us all that we have. With our will, grit and courage, we hope to lay the foundation of a better tomorrow by the small steps that we take today.