5 Features of a Good Quality Pedestal Fan

5 Features of a Good Quality Pedestal Fan

5 Features of a Good Quality Pedestal Fan

In the scorching summer heat, there are usually two cooling options that strike many people. One is the good old ceiling fan, and the other is the cool and comfortable air conditioner. Both these products perform a similar function of circulating breeze to lower down the temperature around your home. But when humid, they both disappoint. Thus, for the muggy time of the year, the one cooling product that never fails is the pedestal fans.

The portal variant of the electrically powered fan that has been around for centuries and in its new avatar is available in unique shapes, different varieties, and advanced features. So, let’s look at 5 features to consider when buying a good quality pedestal fan-

  1. Portability

Easy portability is the most significant advantage of a pedestal fan. Being light in weight, they can be moved around effortlessly and be used in any room of your home. It can further be plugged to any power outlet smoothly and efficiently and take less space while still providing ample airflow.

  1. Fan modes

Checking the fan mode is another aspect that you should consider when pondering of getting a pedestal fan. Ensure the fans have a method which can adjust its blade speed. Nowadays, some fans also come with advanced features like a breeze and sleep mode. These traits simulate a natural breeze which makes them effective, especially during the night when the noise from it may hinder people.

  1. Multi-functional

When purchasing a pedestal fan, make sure it is bundled with multiple features and functions. To start with, it should have a remote control which makes it convenient to control the settings and fan speed from across the room. The modern variants also come with a timer that allows to switch the fan off after a set period. Another characteristic to check when purchasing the superior quality pedestal fan is the display that comes with electronic indicators which determine fan settings.

  1. Energy Savings

With the advancement in technology, one major novelty that kept the pedestal fans popular is its energy-saving feature. All such fans require are energy efficient and can help save around 50% on your electricity bills!

  1. Size

Pedestal fans are available on the market in different sizes; Thus picking the right proportion is vital. For this, check if the fans have options like the height and angle and if they can be adjusted. This will enable angling the head better and providing a direct breeze to the people sitting and thus, keep the room ventilated and cool.

Hence if you are looking for a pedestal fan that along with these features also enhance the aesthetics of the area, then we suggest on purchasing Aindrila Premium. This highly advanced fan from Havells has a unique square wire guard design, and colour-changing LED light in the base. It also comes in elegant colour combinations of brown-black and dark blue-grey. The state of art fan also has features like the breeze and sleep mode which provides up to 8 hours timer, a soft touch digital panel and can be controlled with a remote. With a mere power consumption of 60 W, it is easy on your pocket too this fan assures a qualitative performance as it operates at a speed of 1350 rotations per minute.

Being compact and portable, Aindrila Premium can be placed in any corner of the room to give the cooling effect. What more, it comes with a guarantee of 2 years which makes it a reliable long-term cooling purchase. So, for a smart investment, select this latest technology fan now.