All You Need to Know About Pendant Lighting in Bathrooms

All You Need to Know About Pendant Lighting in Bathrooms

All You Need to Know About Pendant Lighting in Bathrooms

One of the most important spaces in your house, the bathroom is also one of the smallest. From master baths to half baths, space is often at a premium – enter pendant lights to save the day. As our homes evolved, our bathrooms also evolved for a good reason. Bathrooms are one of the few places where we are with our own self. Sometimes a good, relaxing bath is the only therapy that actually helps to unwind after a long day at work. To meet the ever-changing needs of people, bathrooms today are made in the most innovative manner and not just made, but also illuminated in the most glorious manner. Long gone are the days when bathrooms lighting was considered an after-thought.

Lighting is definitely a key element in defining the ambience of any space. Many bathrooms are low on natural light and it’s important to create the perfect lighting plan that’s as functional as it is aesthetic. If we talk about bathrooms, they too need good lighting to carry out the required tasks, be it a refreshing bath, shaving your beard, defining eyebrows or even putting on makeup. Layering is essential as you need to perform different activities which might require soft as well as bright lighting. Beyond lighting versatility, pendants enrich your decor and we dare enough to say it’s as good as infusing life in a barren land.

Pendant Lights for Bathrooms

Pendant lights are fixtures that can be hung from the ceiling with a cord, chain, or metal rod. Big bold, oversized pendants make a statement. These lights could be a single hanging light or a cluster of hanging lights. Pendants lights take minuscule space and simplify surfaces. Pendant lights are available in an extensive range of styles, colors, and shapes. They offer a flexible approach to style your bathroom while considering the space and requirement.

Styling Pendant Lights in Bathroom

As we know all spaces requires the adequate combination of ambient, task and accent lighting for performing different activities and to refresh aesthetics. In bathrooms, a pendant light could be a versatile lighting fixture which can be used to provide all three types of lighting. If the bathroom is quite small, you can try putting a big and bold single pendant light in the center of the ceiling which would work as ambient lighting. On the other hand, a line of pendants above the vanity would work as task lighting.

A chic pendant with a distinctive architectural element can be positioned over a changing corner, a seating area or a sculpture in a large bathroom to add the accent affect. A large bathroom can also be adorned with a big pendant with multiple bulbs which would add to its style statement and would perfectly serve as ambient lighting. In fact, mini pendants can be used to brighten up the area above the toilet, specifically if it’s separate from the main section of the bathroom. You can place two or more pendants above the bathtub or Jacuzzi to create a spa-like ambience in your bathroom.

Requisites for Pendant Lights in Bathroom

If you have appropriate ventilation in your bathroom, you can use a dry-rated light fixture over the vanity, toilet, or in the center. In any case, dry-rated fixtures aren’t for use over the shower. Therefore you should use only wet-rated fixtures where there’s direct exposure to water. However, damp-rated fixtures can be installed above the tub because they can bear slightly higher moisture levels than dry-rated lights.

How Low Should You Hang Bathroom Pendant Lights?

More often than not, the length of pendant lights can be adjusted to find the perfect position in your space. But you must understand about how and where that perfection occurs while positioning pendant lights in your bathroom. If you have decided to put a pendant light over the vanity, it should fall above the top of the mirror. Pendants placed on the side of the vanity mirror can hang a little lower, but should still be above your head. If your bathroom has a low ceiling, make sure that the pendant does not obstruct the area. Use pendants over bathtubs when the ceiling is high; there should be a gap of at least eight feet between the light and the tub.

A Pro tip:A clever trick to maximize the lighting effect from your bathroom pendant, is to place a pair either side of a mirror which will bounce the light around the bathroom effortlessly.

To Sum Up

Pendant Lights are no doubt a versatile lighting fixture which adds to the appeal and ambience of a bathroom. Choosing the right pendant could be a challenge given that the market offers a myriad of options. To help you out, Havells Home Art Light gives you a chance to explore and get your hands on the perfect lighting fixture which is apt for your bathroom. Hurry and visit our website or meet us in person at any of our HAL stores to get a personalized hands-on experience. Happy lighting!