Choosing the Right Air Cooler for your Home

Choosing the Right Air Cooler for your Home

Choosing the Right Air Cooler for your Home

The summer season has arrived with a bang. The sweltering heat is indescribable, and now using just a ceiling fan is not acceptable. So, if you’ve made your mind to buy an air cooler to beat the heat, let’s understand few things before making your decision.

Size of the Room

First of all, since air coolers come in various sizes, it is important to ascertain the room size where you need to install the cooler. A small cooler in a bigger space may not work satisfactorily, whereas a big cooler in a small space might create a lot of humidity. To solve this problem, there is a simple formula which would help you to select the right size air cooler for your room. The airflow (for coolers) is measured in terms of CMM (cubic meter per minute) which denotes the volume of air blown by the fan per minute. The CMM of airflow is equal to room size in square meter multiplied by ceiling height divided by 2. The more the CMM, the larger area would be covered by the cooler.

Air Delivery

Even if the cooler is good looking, if it can’t offer adequate cooling, it is actually useless. So, while purchasing a cooler, it is important to check its air throw distance. Coolers with high angled fan blades are capable of delivering cool air to longer distances which means a larger area can be cooled.

Tank Capacity

Ideally, a bigger cooler has a big water tank which will provide cooling for long hours. Especially, if you wish to run your cooler for the entire night, it is better to look for bigger tank capacity coolers. Or else, you can look for coolers with auto-fill function which will keep all your water filling worries away. For coolers with smaller capacity tanks, auto-fill feature is great because it fills the tank on a continuous basis.

Cooling Pads

Investing in good quality cooling pads is, of course, better in a longer run. Honeycomb pads are the most innovative cooling pads these days. Their apt designing and quality material make them efficient in providing long-lasting cooling. Havells air coolers feature the specially processed anti-bacterial, anti-erosion and anti-deformation honeycomb pads which have hydrophilic properties to absorb the remaining dust particles and cleanse the air thoroughly.

Anti-Mosquito Feature

As we all know, coolers always have water and thus, they pose to be the breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is definitely a health hazard. To resolve this issue, the air coolers nowadays come with anti-mosquito breeding feature which prevents breeding of mosquitos inside the cooler.

Dust Filter

Since the quality of air is depleting steadily, it is the need of the hour to use appliances which can help to maintain the clean air indoors. Thus, a dust filter feature in air coolers enables to filter the dust and other particles in the air. Do look for this feature in your cooler to ensure you get fresh and clean air.

Ice Chamber

If you wish to get better and powerful cooling, look for air coolers which have an ice chamber. By putting ice in this chamber, you can enjoy the ultimate cooling in your room.

Inverter Compatibility

If you live in an area where power cuts are frequent, go for an air-cooler which is inverter-compatible. This will ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted cooling. Most of the air coolers by Havells are inverter compatible to give you the best of cooling comfort.

Remote Control

If you don’t want to move out of your bed, accessing your air cooler is better through a remote control. You can easily switch on/off, change the speed or direct other features through a remote control.

Smart Design

With the new-age technology seeping in, the designing of air coolers have evolved to a large extent. You can find stylish air coolers in different shapes, sizes and attractive designs in the market. Keeping the above-stated features in mind and the interiors of your room, you can choose the one that matches your requirements.

By now you must have got an idea of what to look for while buying air coolers. Havells, being a premium brand, offers a complete range of personal, desert, tower and window coolers with the latest features and designs. Do check out the range of air coolers and make your decision wisely to enjoy long lasting cooling in summers!