How to trim your beard correctly?

How to trim your beard correctly?

How to trim your beard correctly?

Over the years, the bearded look of men has gone in and out of fashion. From being frowned upon, to being considered shabby and rebellious, the beard has always been a topic of debate.

But, this bias towards the trendy fashion for men changed in late 2014 and 2015, as the facial hair of men not only became acceptable but also grew in popularity to become a rage that is here to stay.

So, for those who are riding on to the beard-wave, we bring you some tips for trimming your beard correctly to get that perfect look. Here they are-

  1. Find a Beard Trimmer

To maintain the clean beard look, the first thing that men require is an investment in the right electric beard trimmer. For this, it is important to buy a product that gives the facial hair neat and sharp cuts. Therefore, go with trimmers that come with a set of clippers or multiple length settings to allow precision for an even trim. If unsure of which size to use, it’s best to start with long attachments and then use the shorter ones afterwards.

  1. Trim it right

When growing or maintaining a beard, it is vital to keep it tidy. Therefore, a beard that’s rough around the edges can give the impression of a lack of grooming, whereas, that with clearly defined lines add to your overall appearance. Thus, the first thing before you shave is to decide the beard shape that will suit your face. For instance, for rounder faces, it is recommended keeping a fuller beard, while for a slimmer look, sport a more streamlined and refined beard.

So, start by combing your beard before you trim. Now, go for the longest hair length and move against the direction of the hair growth to crop excess bulking. Continue with this process and use a shorter trim setting off the shaver until you get the desired length.

  1. Trimming the cheek lines

Now let’s establish the cheek line that should ideally be per your face cut. Thus, shave this part of your face first by using the shortest setting of the clipper. This move will also give you an idea of the likely shape of your beard. For a natural cheek line that gives your face a longer and a softer look, all you must establish a beard neckline. Whereas, for a defined cheek line that provides the appearance with an edgy, sharper and a slicker look, set the starting point that should ideally be the bottom of the sideburns and the end parameter that should be the section where the line meets the side part of the moustache.

The natural beard cheek line is more manageable to upkeep as compared to the defined one.

For a round face, go for a straight cheek line at a steep angle as it will help counteract the roundness. On the other hand, for a long and angular face, trim a curved beard cheek line that will soften the sharper outlines of your face.

  1. Determine the neckline

The shabby or unkempt neckbeard is a major put-off. Therefore, follow this universal rule for trimming the beard neckline, regardless of style- Draw an imaginary “U” and move your shaver precisely to give it this shape. Clip from under your ear to just above your Adam’s apple, back up to the other ear. Shave or trim everything below and behind this U. Also, make sure that the neckline does not go anywhere near the chin. If you get this line correct, then this is the most flattering shape and the best look for men that befits all face types. Use a razor or a close-cutting beard trimmer to get it right and also give a touch up around the mouth.

  1. Clean the edges 

Once you have shaved the beard into shape, make sure you clean the excess hair by removing the guards from the trimmer and replacing it with the bare clipper to carve out any remaining spots around the neck, cheeks, and moustache.

Also, apply beard oil to keep your beard soft, healthy, and moisturized.

  1. Clean your clippers

Now that the beard looks well-trimmed don’t forget the last step, cleaning the clippers. In case, they can be cleaned with water, turn off your device and hold it under hot water. Dry it with a soft cloth. Else, use a small brush or a toothbrush to wipe off excess hair from the blades and the guard. Also, spray a multipurpose disinfectant on them after each use, and store the gear at room temperature.

So, before buying a beard trimmer to get the perfect look, we would suggest on picking the one which has a reputation of offering clean cuts with trouble-free trimming. Do explore the Havells range of beard trimmers that provides precision, easiness and salon-like trim and style.