Let Every Corner Breathe with Havells Pedestal Fans

Let Every Corner Breathe with Havells Pedestal Fans

Let Every Corner Breathe with Havells Pedestal Fans

Summers have a profound effect on every soul. It’s the time when we all seek coolness both inside and outside to challenge surrounds, which we try to create through our own ways. Sometimes we indulge in an ice-cream or guzzle chilled milkshake, and at times, we just want to sit back in an air-conditioned room to beat the heat. But access to air-conditioners is not always easy. In places like kitchen, bathroom or even balcony, you cannot use air-conditioners. Usually we rely on fans to circulate air and keep the area cool at such places.

Amongst the fans, ceiling fans are more common. But ceiling fans too cannot be installed everywhere and they may not work for particular places. In such a situation, what can come to your respite is a pedestal fan. Yes, a pedestal fan which is absolutely mobile to give you a blast of air almost anywhere. These fans could be used both indoor and outdoor, making them a versatile cooling appliance. Their oscillating feature gives you a wider coverage. Another plus that comes along is their adjustable height. According to your requirement, you can adjust the height of these fans and enjoy the air delivery in your zone.

If you’re concerned about a mismatch with your décor, then let’s make it very clear that pedestal fans today are very innovative in their designs. They are available in chic designs and amazing colors, complemented by the most advanced technology. Unlike ceiling fans which are fixed upright, pedestal fans have gained immense popularity due to their portability and convenience they offer. A single fan can be used at different times at different places in the same home. For instance, when you need air around dining table, you can place a pedestal fan in the dining area and when you move to your balcony to sit back for some time, you can carry the fan along to offer air-circulation there as well.

Portability Adds to the Convenience

As mentioned earlier, Pedestal Fans are extremely portable. Not like ceiling fans, they can be easily moved to and fro, giving you the freedom to use them anywhere by just plugging in the socket and enjoying the air-flow. Whether you want to use them in the balcony, in any room or even terrace, you can easily move the fan. So, it actually adds to your convenience.

Multi-Functional Adds to the Versatility

Pedestal Fans are lightweight, portable, economical and eco-friendly as well. First of all, their easy access makes them convenient. Then they offer huge savings on monthly power bills, nothing like air-conditioners. The pedestal fans do not cause any harm to the environment in any way, so they are eco-friendly too. They have negligible maintenance cost. So, all in all, the pedestal fans offer a win-win situation.

Modern Technology Adds to User-Experience

The newest pedestal fans are stylishly designed and infused with latest technology to give you a long-lasting flow of air. To make your experience better, some of the pedestal fans now feature the remote control so that you can control the speed and other settings without moving an inch. One major thing that irritates people about fans is the noise they make. But the latest technology infused in the pedestal fans ensures noiseless operation. So, you can actually enjoy their company.

On a Concluding Note

After considering the advantages of pedestal fans, you might consider buying one for your home to keep you cool even at those corners where other cooling appliances won’t work. There are definitely many brands in the market that claim to offer the best. Havells, being a premium brand in the electronic products, certainly has many amazing products to its credit. It offers a smart range of pedestal fans which boast of smart features like remote control, 3-speed control, sturdy base, electroplated finish, superior low voltage performance, jerk-free oscillation, thermal overload protection and much more. To know more about the complete range of pedestal fans by Havells, click here .