Lighting Design & Circadian Rhythm – How it affects our well-being?

Lighting Design & Circadian Rhythm – How it affects our well-being?

Lighting Design & Circadian Rhythm – How it affects our well-being?

What is Circadian Rhythm and why is it so important for us? Well, let’s find out! Circadian Rhythm is our sleep-wake pattern over the progression of a 24-hour day. It helps control our daily schedule for sleep, wakefulness and most importantly, our behavior. In a nutshell, if we develop a routine in contrary to natural Circadian Rhythm, we are inevitably very likely to have issues with us like fatigue, anxiety and even headache which adversely impact our behavior. Basically, if your routine is in sync with Circadian Rhythm, it has profound effect on your mind and body.

Right exposure to the sunlight has numerous health benefits. Without adequate sunlight, a person’s Serotonin level – mood boosting hormone which also helps in staying focused – can go low during the day. And low level of serotonin is associated with a higher risk of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is a kind of depression that is caused by changing seasons. Any individual is more likely to experience SAD in the winters when the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

What is Circadian Lighting?

Havells’ thoughtful idea of developing “Human Centric Lights” is certainly a game changer while you are failing in keeping connection with the nature in order to keep up with the rest of the world while living contemporary lives. The basic idea is to bring the Sun indoors. Sounds mysteriously exciting, isn’t it? For better physical & mental health, this lighting system has been developed to follow the cycle of natural light as experienced by human beings and thus, named Circadian Lighting.

Why Circadian Lighting?

These light fixtures replicate the natural pattern of the Sun and are useful as they improve alertness & increases productivity, and decrease the fatigue & accidents at work at the same time. The moment these LEDs start emitting light, you see evident change in your alertness, mood and efficiency; thereby, allows people to perform at their optimum levels without compromising on their mind & body wellness.

Circadian lights work at the cellular level that blends into our system and creates visual and biological connect with the space they are installed in. It also improves the light quality of the space and makes it look breathtakingly attractive. These lighting fixtures are not just other luminance adjustable fancy LED fixtures, they are extremely eco-friendly, do not contain harmful elements like mercury, and don’t generate high amount of heat.

Few years back if you would tell anyone that a company has invented a type of lighting system which not just illuminates the room but also sends signals to the brain to be alert or to relax, it would sound like a joke. But currently with Circadian Lighting, this has become a reality. Its not just another lighting solution that just brightens your room. This is a wholesome concept which will illuminate your inner health and let you to perform your best. Circadian Lighting is a commendable effort from Havells to bring us close to the nature and gift us the lost biological clock system of our body.