Monoblock pumps by Havells for residential, agricultural, and commercial use

Monoblock pumps by Havells for residential, agricultural, and commercial use

Monoblock pumps by Havells for residential, agricultural, and commercial use

Pumps are extensively used in agricultural, municipal, residential, industrial, and commercial areas. They are essential in residential and commercial establishments where pumping water to the storage tank on the roof or drawing water from underground sources directly to the tap is required. Due to the critical everyday usage of water, high level of reliability and innovative design are critical to any pump.

Havells is one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of pumps in both horizontal and vertical configurations that cater to the complete water pumping solutions. It makes use of advanced technology, innovation, and reliable components in all of its range. It has a wide array of pumps and motors including submersible pump, bare shaft pump, end suction pump, and centrifugal Monoblock pump.

Monoblock pumps by Havells

A Monoblock pump is nothing more than a configuration type in which the motor, the key mover of the pumping action, and the motor are built in the same housing together. There is no third element involved in coupling of the device between the two shafts as they are directly coupled.

The Monoblock pumps by Havells have many advantageous features as they are extremely easy to set up, offer higher degree of efficiency in terms of power consumption, and it costs very less to maintain them. Their high quality and compactness make them the ideal choice for agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses that require hassle-free continued operation with maximum availability amongst the category.

The extensive range of Havells Monoblock pump includes the following types that belong to the current generation.

HS Series

It is a high-performance, low energy consumption pump ideal for the average home’s water pumping requirements for everyday use.

JM Series

The JM series boasts high energy efficiency and high-grade pump casting, with great performance.

M Series

It features a compact motor design with a stainless steel pump shaft, the J series provides greater level of energy efficiency.

S Series

The S series is a high performance pump that comes with a dual-coated H class copper windings and offers a high level of suction power.

MX Series

The MX series features F-class insulations that provide high discharge in the operating range in order to boost the efficiency.

A Series

The A series pumps offer greater degree of reliability and uninterrupted operation along with high-quality experience. It achieves all of the above with its controlled voltage fluctuations, optimal design, high operating efficiency, and self-priming capacity. It is a high performance pump range.

D Series

The D series pumps come with F-class insulation and highly energy-efficient motor, these belong to the D series pump category ensuring higher suction power and reliable operating services in all kinds of environment.

JS Series

The JS series is ideal for commercial and residential uses requiring higher degree of durability and capacity. These pumps are ideal for applications requiring greater capacity of pumping out water from underground even at high temperature.

ML Series

If long-lasting operation, pocket-friendly maintenance cost, and user-friendly features are the main requirements then ML series offer self-priming pump with cast iron bracket ensuring all of the above.

Havells’ range of Monoblock pumps offer the right product for every kind of requirement out there. Be it a low-maintenance pump that provides a strong pumping action while consuming minimal electricity or a powerful pump that can operate even at high temperature commercial environments, Havells has the right solution.

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