9 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Havells Silencio is your New Silent Kitchen Partner

9 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Havells Silencio is your New Silent Kitchen Partner

9 Mind Blowing Reasons Why Havells Silencio is your New Silent Kitchen Partner

Cooking entails not only hard work, but also dexterity. You can save a lot of time by using the correct kitchen appliances, and a mixer grinder is one of such kitchen gadgets that can save you hours of time. A mixer grinder can be used for a variety of functions, including pureeing, mixing, grinding, mincing, and cutting!!

A mixer grinder is one of the most common kitchen tools that may be used to make a variety of cuisines. However, one of the most typical issues with mixer grinders is their noise. This is to be expected, as these devices use high-speed motors, which produce noise while they run. The demand for silent mixer grinders is increasing, as more individuals seek to reduce noise pollution.

Now if you’re someone seeking peace of mind whilst grinding something, then we have an incredible product which has made a technological breakthrough in the mixer grinder market.


Havells Silencio

Designed to disrupt the Indian mixer-grinder market, Havells’ Silencio promises cutting-edge features as well as a superior mixing and grinding experience without nutritional loss and any noise pollution.

In a way, it grinds as well as its competitors in the same price bracket, just a sleeker, meaner and more efficient alternative.

Check out some of the mind blowing reasons why you deserve some peace of mind specifically while grinding and mixing…

  • The Silencio’s HVDC motor enables for low-noise operation in the mixer grinder and provides a digital display for the user’s comfort, displaying the current mode and remaining time in three sophisticated pre-set modes for consistent performance and worry-free experience.
  • The premium product comes with 3 pre-set modes that allow customers to programme the exact amount of time and motor speed for grinding, mixing, or blending materials at the touch of a button. This ensures consistent performance and convenience at its best.
  • The dual interlocking safety feature between the jar and the lid ensures maximum safety while preparing your food.
  • With the speed control modes, you’re in control to grind your ingredients to perfection and savour the authentic flavours of your food.
  • We all hate it when you’re grinding something for a while and chunks of the ingredients are remaining. With Silencio’s specially designed flow breakers, you’re assured better circulations and a chunk-free grinding experience.
  • With the screw-less jar technology, Silencio is comparatively easy to maintain and a hassle free cleaning experience without the need to worry about the nooks and crannies of the left over ingredients.
  • The world class double-layered insulated jar technology ensures silence when you’re grinding which at the same time remains cool on the outside surface for easy handling.
  • Silencio also comes loaded with an air exhaust system which helps in cooling the motor faster. That means lesser noise and more efficiency.
  • The sharp stainless blades are capable of grinding the toughest ingredients and sparing no chunks. The silent experience ensures you retain the texture and the quality of the ingredients.

While this should give you a good idea about Havells Silencio, a lesser known secret is that Havells has applied for 6 patents for the technology used in the Silenco. This should give you enough clarity about the technological advancements and efficiency the Silenco has.