Brilliant ways to use a Garment Steamer other than de-wrinkling clothes

Brilliant ways to use a Garment Steamer other than de-wrinkling clothes

Brilliant ways to use a Garment Steamer other than de-wrinkling clothes

You must be well-versed in removing the wrinkles of your clothes if you use a garment steamer. Fill in the tank with water, switch on the appliance and do the needful to look your best! It is as simple as that. But do you know that this small appliance can be actually helpful in several other housekeeping jobs? Yes, it is true indeed. A garment steamer can be used for sanitizing surfaces, cleaning sofas, removing carpet stains and many other purposes. Let’s check out some unusual ways to use a garment steamer.

Remove Grease & Grime!

One of the biggest nightmares for anyone is cleaning grease from the cooktop. Almost all of us have experienced this difficult task but you can’t stop cooking you favourite food for this gruelling reason. Try a garment steamer to loosen up the stuck-on grease, grit and gunk without toiling your hands. All you need to do is, just aim the steam on the build-up, let the sticky gunk melt and wipe clean with a cloth.

Sanitize Surfaces!

Hot steam is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Thus, if your steamer reaches 212 degree F, it can sanitize different types of surfaces. In fact, it is an eco-friendly way to sanitize your kitchen and bathroom countertops, table surfaces, etc. Use the steam pressure to quickly deep clean your table surface, bathroom and kitchen countertops without using chemicals.

Refresh Curtains & Bedding!

Not dirty enough for laundering? Steam clean your curtains, bedding, and furniture upholstery using a garment steamer without making a hole in your pocket. This will also save you from removing all the heavy stuff. You can easily freshen up your curtains and upholstery, while giving them a brand new look, using a clothes steamer.

Remove Rug & Carpet Stains!

Carpets are prone to stains. If you also face this problem often, do not worry as a garment steamer can easily help you remove light stains from rugs and carpets. Simply point the nozzle of your steamer towards the stain and let the steam pressure loosen up the blotch. Further, you can clean it with a cloth or a wipe.

Get Streak-Free Mirrors, Windows and Glass Shower Cabins!

If you’re looking for a splotch-free method for cleaning mirrors, windows and glass shower cabins, rely on your garment steamer which can work wonders. Using the steam, you can easily wipe off all the marks and water stains without exerting any pressure on the glass. Moreover, steam cleaning would also sanitize all the stuff.

Clean the Nooks and Crannies in your Car!

Eating inside the car is something unavoidable. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, a few spills and stains do happen. However, using a garment steamer, you can easily get rid of the tricky stains while refreshing the upholstery of your car. As the stains loosen up, wipe them off using a cloth and keep your car spanking clean.

Apart from all these uses, a garment steamer can also be used to defrost your freezer and remove grout from your bathroom and kitchen tiles. So, all in all, this small appliance comes handy in many housekeeping chores other than de-wrinkling clothes. If you still don’t own this amazing appliance, click here to get yours!