Stay Warm Indoors with Havells OFR 13 Fin Room Heater This Winter

Stay Warm Indoors with Havells OFR 13 Fin Room Heater This Winter

Stay Warm Indoors with Havells OFR 13 Fin Room Heater This Winter

In this bone-chilling winter, keeping yourself warm is essential. Besides the woolens and blankets, you need to have some extra warmth to beat the chill at least indoors. We cannot control the temperature outside, but we can maintain the indoor temperature for sure. There were days when people used to burn wood and coal to feel the warmth in winters. Moreover, using any kind of flammable fuel for heating indoors requires a permanent exhaust; otherwise it creates suffocation in that particular space. With the evolution, nothing left untouched, and this method of warming up also disappeared mainly in cities and urban areas, or for people who could afford better means to stay warm.

With a variety of high-tech space heaters available in the market, all you have to do is, select the right one that meets your requirements. Havells, a brand known for its innovative electrical products, has come up with a variety of room heaters, such as, PTC fan heaters, heat convectors, and oil filled radiators, geared up perfectly to deliver the class performance. Keeping in mind the convenience of the users, the heaters have been manufactured using the most advanced technology to control the temperature without causing any hazard to your health and environment.

If we talk particularly about OFR heaters, these are essentially common type of convection heaters used in households. These heaters are filled with oil, which is electrically heated and not burned. So, the oil in these heaters acts as a heat reservoir, not as a fuel. The heating element heats the oil, which transfers heat to the metal wall through convection, through the walls via conduction, then to the surroundings via air convection and thermal radiation. The columns of oil heaters are typically constructed as thin fins, and large surface area of the metal columns allows more air to be in contact with the heater, allowing for the heat to be transferred more effectively, which results in a surface temperature which is safe enough to touch.

Havells OFR 13 Fin Room Heater is the best oil-filled radiator with PTC fan heater which warms up the space without killing the oxygen present there. This 2900-watt radiator is super silent yet efficient on performance. Unlike the traditional heaters, it doesn’t blow high speed air which is uncomfortable at times. All they do is uniformly warm the air as it comes in contact with the thin fins. So, whether you have kids or aged people at home, there is no fear of getting burnt or causing fire with these OFRs. These heaters are absolutely safe, and have almost negligible maintenance cost.

Besides that, the OFR 13 Fin Room Heater is aesthetically designed to match the interiors of your home. It has easy to use 3 power settings of 1000, 1500 and 2500 watts with additional 400 watts (Heater + Fan), and comes with a thermostatic heat control. With power input of 230 V and power consumption of 2900 W, Havells Oil Filled Radiator is energy efficient. It comes with a dust filter, and caster wheels for easy mobility. The OFR heater can be dismantled, and easily stored once you’re done for the season. It also has a cord winding station wherein the cord can be easily coiled.

For safety reasons, OFR 13 Fin Room Heater has features like rear safety cover, over heat protection and tilt over switch. Its PTC fan ensures quick heating without harming the surroundings, or causing any dryness in the operational space. So, if we look at the overall package, Havells Oil Filled Radiator 13 Fin Heater is a great deal for everyone looking for a stylish and efficient heater to warm up their space this winter. For more info on OFR heaters by Havells, click here!