Choose Havells Fabio Switches for a Modern and Modular Lifestyle

Choose Havells Fabio Switches for a Modern and Modular Lifestyle

Choose Havells Fabio Switches for a Modern and Modular Lifestyle

The definition of modern living is loosely defined by surrounding oneself with futuristic gadgets, electrical appliances, and other smart products. However, some things are left to remain out of sync and symmetry with the overall arrangement of an enclosed living space. Electrical switches are often overlooked and mismatched to everything else on the wall of a house or office. The best we do at upgrading switches is to buy a premium-looking switchboard and that is about it.

We forget one important aspect of switches that can change the entire landscape of a wall, which is the orientation of the switchboard. We may be traditionally used to the horizontal view of switches being arranged next to each other. However, Havells Fabio range of switches can fit both vertically and horizontally to perfectly match the available space or the beautification needs of your walls. The arrangement possibilities are only limited by your imagination as you are free to arrange or rearrange these switches beautifully even in tight spaces. Along with this unique range of switches, Havells also has on offer a series of cover plates, sockets, support and communication modules, so you need not look elsewhere for all your switch needs.

The entire Fabio range offers rich features like front loading and removal, soft action switches, contemporary design, and of course, horizontal and vertical mountings. These switches and supporting modules are also designed to offer top notch safety and convenience to the user, be it at home, office or any other living space. Let’s look at the entire range of Fabio product offering by Havells.


The Fabio series of switches by Havells offers well-engineered switches with soft touch mechanism for a sheer usability delight and is crafted to match best of interiors of any home. They are also built to last and boast robust construction that ensure longer period of use without breaking down. These switches come in one-way or two-way switching operation mechanism in varying sizes and operating current range. They have separate isolation for phase and neutral to ensure continued operation safely.

Cover Frames

Havells manufactures a range of switch cover frames that offer resistance to dust (dust-resistance design) that limits dust deposits so you do not have to frequently clean the board, reducing upkeep effort. These cover frames are also designed keeping convenience and dual orientation in mind.

Hospitality Range

This range boasts an extensive series of products to cater various requirements of the hospitality industry that includes DND and MMR switching, mechanical and electrical key tagging, switches and more.


Shuttered sockets are a must in every household today. It is one of the best safety features that stops people, especially kids from accidentally putting their fingers inside the socket and get electrocuted. So, it is a must-have socket for every home with babies and young children. Fabio offers a comprehensive range of universal shuttered sockets for complete safety against electrical hazards.

Support Modules

No switching range is complete without the support modules that comprises of dimmers, regulators for fans, starter switch for motors, mini MCBs, and so on. Havells Fabio support modules are aesthetically designed and offer top-of-the-class safety features.

Communication Modules

Havells Fabio range also includes communication modules for telephone, TV, USB, data sockets, LED lamps, and others.

Havells smart modular switch range is designed to provide convenience and safety for users. Most importantly, the contemporary design with the possibility of dual orientation allows everyone to become an artist and interior designer in their own right to fit them beautifully without disturbing the aesthetics of the living space.