Advantages of Modular Switches

Advantages of Modular Switches

Advantages of Modular Switches

Switches are an important yet often ignored component of electrical fitting in any building. However, with the changing times, the electrical switches are gaining the attention which they deserve being an imperative part of the interiors. The age-old conventional switches are no more in trend, all thanks to the latest range of modular switches. For obvious reasons, modular switches have gained popularity in a short span of time. They are not only aesthetically appealing, but also safe and convenient to use. Apart from this, you have got many good reasons to choose the modern electrical switches over the conventional switches. Let’s check them out!

Elegance – Modular switches are undoubtedly stylish and appealing. Available in many designs, styles, finishes and colors, these switches can perfectly complement the newly done interiors of your home and office as well. Unlike the traditional switches, modular switches are available in innumerable options of colors, finishes and designs. In fact, with their versatile designing, you can try out the different options of designer switch plates, glass switch plates, color blocked switch plates and much more!

Safety – This is one of the major grounds to the popularity of modular switches. While using any electrical appliance, safety is the main concern. The conventional switches used to have exposed metal screws which always had the risk of causing a mishap or shock. Being devoid of any metallic parts on the face of the switches, modular switches pose no risk of an electrical shock. If you have children at home, installing modular switches is a good idea seeing that they are crafted out of high-quality plastic without any metal parts on the front. The modular sockets are generally shuttered which make them apt to use with children.

Versatile & Multi-Functional – Versatility is the term that goes well with modular switches. These switches can be used for different applications, like automation, signaling, security and data transmission. You can install different types of switches in different parts of a building for different applications. As they are available in many capacities, Modular switches can actually be used for heavy-duty applications too. These switches offer immense flexibility as they can be easily added to, or removed from, the switch plates according to the specific requirements.

Efficient & Ergonomic – Modular switches are very efficient. Generally companies that manufacture such high-end switches stringently test them for their endurance. Their internal wiring is intended to be efficient, so that they can be used year after year. Moreover, the modern modular switches are ergonomically designed to ensure soft touch and noiseless operation. Havells’ range of modular switches is tested for 1, 00,000 operations to ensure their smooth functioning.

To Put in Succinct Terms

Bearing all the advantages in mind, modular switches definitely make the best choice. These switches are infused with attractive features like hidden screws, anti-weld designs, smooth operation, shuttered sockets and more. Besides that, modular switches are easy to assemble, install and use. Moreover, these switches are high on safety concerns unlike the traditional switches. Depending on your décor, you can choose switches from a variety of styles, designs, colors and finishes. Havells, the premium brand for electrical goods, offers a wide range of to add safety, convenience and sophistication into your home and office. Add a touch of elegance to your interiors with Havells switches!