Electric Rice Cooker – A Precise Way to Cook Rice & Other Recipes

Electric Rice Cooker – A Precise Way to Cook Rice & Other Recipes

Electric Rice Cooker – A Precise Way to Cook Rice & Other Recipes

If rice is your favorite food, and you still find it hard to cook it in the right manner, then you deserve a special appliance to cook your special meal. And what’s better than an electric rice cooker. Yes, rice cooker can ease your process of cooking rice in different styles, while keeping it warm till the time you serve. Moreover, this smartly designed appliance adds to the appearance of your kitchen. It is convenient as well as mess-free electric device to cook rice and other food items.

What is an Electric Rice Cooker?

A rice cooker, or an electric cooker, is essentially a programmed kitchen appliance designed to boil or steam rice. It usually has a heating element, a cooking bowl, and a thermostat. Its thermostat works to evaluate the temperature of the cooking bowl and control the heat. The better versions may have more sensors and other components, and may be multipurpose. If you wish to buy one for your kitchen, you must understand that electric cookers come in different shapes, sizes and with different features as well.

How Rice Cookers are Useful?

When it’s about cooking rice in an electric cooker, you no more need pressure cookers, big pans or even your gas stove for that matter. All you need to do is put all the ingredients in measured quantities in the cooking bowl and turn on the cooker switch, just to relish the soft and evenly cooked rice. In the given below points, we’ll try to comprehend how rice cookers are useful.

Allows Anyone to Cook

The best part about rice cookers is that anyone can cook rice easily using them. You need not to have any special skills to use it. With electric rice cookers, you don’t have to worry about stirring the rice as its non-stick cooking bowl allows you to just put in the ingredients, turn on the switch and forget about checking time and again. Given that you know how to correctly measure the rice and water, you can cook rice easily.

Convenient to Use

Besides allowing easy cooking, a rice cooker is actually convenient to use, store and operate. If you’re in a hurry, you just add the ingredients and turn it on. Now whether you want to go out or do some other errands, your will get your rice ready whenever you want to have it. Its warmer function keeps the rice hot, thus, you can enjoy hot rice even hours after cooking.

Flaunt it on Your Kitchen Counter

This compact and portable appliance hardly takes any space. You can keep it in the cupboard after use, or if the space allows, it can be given its due space on the kitchen counter as well. Its stylish design will definitely enhance the décor of your kitchen.

Can be Used as a Serving Pot Too

Made using advanced technology coupled with stylish design, Rice Cookers, today, are elegant in their looks. Moreover, with the option of detachable cord, you can keep the cooker on the dining table and serve directly from it. So, it works as a serving pot too, saving your time and energy that goes in cleaning the serving bowls.

Multi-Purpose Appliance

Though an electric rice cooker is taken for granted to cook just rice, you can utilize this appliance for making other things too. You can bake cakes, make soups or puddings, steam meats or vegetables, and do many other things with an electric cooker.

On a Concluding Note

For sure, an electric rice cooker is a great appliance to cook rice perfectly, without being too hard or too soft – forget about sticking. Some people prefer them as they don’t need to check the pot while the rice gets cooked. Providing you are putting in exact quantities of rice and water, you will get perfectly cooked rice every time. If you’re making many dishes, a rice cooker will allow you to ease up space on your gas stove to cook an extra dish. So, by now, you must have made your mind to get this trendy appliance. To ease your selection, Havells offers a range of electric rice cookers, loaded with features, to let you enjoy perfectly cooked rice every time.