Enjoy the Comfy Warmth with Havells 13 Wave Fin Oil-Filled Radiator!

Enjoy the Comfy Warmth with Havells 13 Wave Fin Oil-Filled Radiator!

Enjoy the Comfy Warmth with Havells 13 Wave Fin Oil-Filled Radiator!

It’s freezing outside! And we all wish for warmth at least in our cocoons in this cold weather. Though there are many ways to keep your space warm, retaining that warmth without compromising on health and money is a considerable choice. Gone are the days when wood and coal were burnt to get the warmth indoors, it can actually be life threatening if the place is not ventilated properly. Fan heaters too don’t work in the long run. But the new-age oil-filled radiators are a complete solution for hassle-free and energy-efficient heating.

Since the market is crammed with OFRs from multiple brands, it becomes difficult for the consumer to select one that meets their expectations. Havells, being a premium brand for superior electrical products, gains the limelight for their quality offering. And the best part is that all of its heaters are made using the most advanced technology to maintain a comfortable temperature without causing any threat to your health and environment. In its range of electric oil-filled radiators, the 13 Wave Fin OFR deserves a special mention for its fast heating and long lasting performance.

This 2900 W electrical heater has three power settings – 1000 W, 1500 W and 2500 W, and additional 400 W (PTC heater + Fan), which make it a power house of heating. As far as its functioning is concerned, it warms up an engineered thermal fluid or oil within the housing, transferring heat out into the room and surrounding air. It does take a little time to heat up a mass of liquid, but it also retains the heat. So, unlike the fan heaters which are quick in both heating and cooling down, OFRs are excellent at retaining heat, thus, less energy is required to maintain the temperature in your space.

On a practical note, better heat retention means improved energy efficiency and less costs of running. Havells 13 Wave Fin Oil-Filled Radiator also has a thermostat which lets you control the heat you want in your zone. Thus, you can readily control the heat and the time for which you want the radiator to work. It will help you save a substantial amount on your power bills. Oil filled radiators are actually portable and serve as energy-efficient models for convenient warmth.

Havells has engineered this heater with precision, together with portable design and easy controls. The 13 Wave Fin OFR has caster wheels for easy mobility, thus, you can transport it from one room to another without any hassle. If compared to the other heating counterparts, the OFR is absolutely silent, efficient and doesn’t offer any unpleasant smell. In fact, these space heating devices provide comfortable warmth that can be enjoyed over long periods of time. All you need to do is just plug in the device, and enjoy the real-time heat.

OFRs tend to offer an amazing solution for space heating. Moreover, the 13 Wave Fin Oil-Filled Radiator gives you an option of three power wattages to adjust to your heating requirement, while saving on energy. Not only it warms up the surroundings, but also keeps the oxygen level intact for the best experience. Its large surface fins ensure faster and uniform heating throughout the space. Once you’re done for the season, Havells OFR can be easily dismantled and stored safely. It comes with a cord winding station wherein the cord can be easily coiled for an easy storage.

Moreover, its aesthetic design is going to add to the plush interiors of your space. It is carefully designed to match the taste of modern consumers. For the complete safety, it is equipped with rear safety cover, over heat protection and tilt over switch, so you need not worry regarding any mishappening. Unlike the traditional heaters, it is absolutely safe to use with almost no maintenance cost. In concise terms, Havells Oil Filled Radiator 13 Wave Fin Heater is a complete space heating appliance that is efficient and long-lasting. Click here to know more about OFR heaters by Havells!