Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Juicer Mixer Grinder

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Juicer Mixer Grinder

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Juicer Mixer Grinder

Almost every household has a juicer-mixer-grinder. This multi-purpose appliance can help you not only grind lentils, spices or vegetables, but also let you make some refreshing smoothies and healthy juices. To facilitate cooking, one needs to invest much time, energy and patience in food preparation which calls for chopping, pureeing, blending, grinding and much more. However, using a JMG, you can do all this within minutes. Thus, it helps you to cook faster, while saving your time and energy. In order to get the best out of your mixer grinder, you must consider some factors before buying one for your kitchen. Let’s check out what they are.

Design – In the modern day kitchens, you need to add style along with functionality. So as to bring that style, it is expected that a juicer mixer grinder looks stylish above and beyond its main purpose. In the market, you get a lot of options in terms of design and colors. However, you must choose the one which is stylish as well as compact. Havells offers a range of juicer mixer grinders which features space-saving design for better utilization. You can opt for any color that goes well with your kitchen interiors.

Motor – The performance of any appliance is backed by an efficient motor. If you’re buying a mixer grinder with juicer, you must check for the motor and its wattage. These are available in different wattage ranges, from 350 to 750 W, but the ones with 500W motors are generally good enough. Given that your preferred mixer grinder has a juicer, it is all the more important to know the wattage of its motor.

Jars – Since you have to do multiple jobs in the kitchen, it becomes easy if you have the right number of jars with your JMG. Usually, every mixer grinder has three jars of different capacities to do different things. However, in some particular models, you even get four jars. If you’re buying a mixer grinder with a juicer, then you get an additional jar for juicing. Havells Stilus is a unique JMG that comes with a juice collector jar too.

Speeds – Another important consideration while buying any juicer-mixer-grinder is its speed options. Given that slow speed is important for juicing, you may require a juicer that comes with a slow speed juicing option so as to extract healthy and tasty juice. Ensure that your preferred JMG has at least three speed options. In fact, it’s great if it also features the pulse option, especially for coarse grinding.

Quality – As stated above, mixer grinders are one of the most functional and commonly used kitchen appliances, so they need to be good in quality. Once bought, you spend several years using the same. Thus, in order to make a cost-effective purchase, you must check the quality of the JMG that includes strong body, powerful motor, sharp stainless-steel blades, easy to use switch-controls and break-resistant lids & jars.

Safety – If we talk about safety features in JMG, the first considerable point is that it must have a safety lock mechanism, which means, unless and until the jar is not correctly fitted on to the body, the machine won’t start. Other locking mechanism may include efficient locks in the jars to avoid spillage of the contents. Further important safety features must comprise non-slip feet, electricity off/on resume protection and power on/off indicator.


Taking into account the fact that there are scores of juicer mixer grinders in the market from various brands, it certainly gets difficult to make a choice. However, as long as the preferred model meets all the above-mentioned requirements, you are in a good place. Besides all this, you may consider factors, like, warranty period and after-sales service from the brand, while making a purchase. Havells, a premium brand for kitchen appliances, offers mixer grinders and juicer mixer grinders which are apt to serve different needs in your kitchen. Together with best quality and design, technical and safety features, Havells appliances are truly amazing as they offer long-lasting performance.