Points to Consider Before Buying an OTG

Points to Consider Before Buying an OTG

Points to Consider Before Buying an OTG

We all love to indulge in scrumptious food. However, making delicious food is an art which requires efforts as well as patience to bring out the desired results. Some people abide by frozen food and outside eatables to keep them going, thoroughly home cooked food can be the preferred choice of the majority though. Cooking requires many other jobs like whipping, blending, grinding, boiling, frying, baking, grilling, toasting and so much more. People who cook on a regular basis definitely have the appliances required for different jobs. But when it comes to baking, they often get confused for what type of oven to buy. Especially when the microwave ovens have got access to the simplest of kitchens, it becomes difficult to determine the usage of oven toaster grillers (OTG).

To be frank, an OTG is a must-buy if you still abide by the old-school technique of baking. It is for everyone who wishes to put in efforts and time to make a lip-smacking dish. If you find microwave as an instant appliance, then OTG would actually cook your food slowly so that the dish gets cooked thoroughly and you get the perfect flavor. Evidently, an OTG is for those who love to cook utterly delicious recipes. In fact, an OTG is an affordable cooking appliance which can be part of your kitchen once you understand your requirements. So, this blog is a ready reference for the important points to consider before buying an OTG.

OTG Buying Guide

Capacity – The first and foremost point to consider before buying an OTG is the capacity. The capacity of the oven refers to the “actual” size of the oven cavity where you place the container to grill, bake or heat. A large-sized oven can hold large containers but also consumes more energy. So, you must ascertain certain factors like family size, the quantity of food you normally make and such before deciding on the capacity. Given below are some factors.

  • Family Size – As per the size of the family, you cook small or large amount of food. Following are some of the recommended oven capacity (in liters) for different family sizes.

2 members – Less than 19 Liters

4 members – 20 to 29 Liters

6 members – More than 30 Liters

  • Usage – The oven capacity also depends on how you wish to use the oven. If you want to use the OTG for all types of cooking, you will obviously require a higher capacity. And if you wish to use it for tasks like defrosting or reheating food, a smaller oven can also fit your requirement.
  • Cookware – Before buying one, please ensure that the dishes (like pan and other cookware) that you normally use would fit comfortably inside the OTG so that you don’t incur extra cost on buying new cookware.

Space & Location – Of course, you have chosen an electrical OTG to be a part of your culinary journey, but before buying one, do consider the space you can devote to this appliance. OTGs are generally big and require a little extra space. Make sure that you measure the size of the oven against the location where you wish to have it installed.

Controls – Every OTG has a control panel from where you manage and control the functions and operations of your oven. It can be of different types, you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

  • Analog – mechanical switches that have knobs. Such ovens are not expensive yet long-lasting. It can also be less precise as everything is set manually.
  • Digital – electronically-controlled push buttons. These ovens are common at the present time. They are more expensive and less durable, but they have more accurate settings as everything is set automatically.

Generally the control panels have the following basic components-

  • Clock or Timer Displays – sets the length of time for cooking.
  • Temperature Settings – helps you to set the temperature for cooking.
  • Thermostat – maintains a preset temperature to stop or continue the flow of heat, to avoid overcooking/overheating of the oven.
  • Oven Light – helps you to see the interior of the oven while the food is being cooked or check on its status.

Functions – As a rule, an OTG can be used for broiling, baking, heating, toasting and grilling. Almost all OTGs let you do roasting, barbecuing and baking. Today, OTGs also come with additional components to help you cook better.

  • Rotisserie – a removable grill with a turning spit for better and uniform grilling.
  • Oven Rack – allows you to put more than one dish simultaneously in the oven. Make sure it’s thick and durable.

Price – Of course, everything comes with a price tag. Keeping your requirements in mind, you should choose an OTG that comes in your budget. The higher the capacity, the more will be the cost. And the same is applicable for features as well. So, you must check on all the points before selecting an oven for your kitchen.

Guarantee – While purchasing an OTG, you must consider the guarantee that the particular brand is offering. On a safer side, it is always good to have a product with certain guarantee to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost.

On a Concluding Note

After going through these points, you must be in a better position to choose a right OTG for your kitchen. Havells, an Indian brand with global presence, offers a wide range of OTGs in different capacities with the latest features. If you wish to buy one, do check our selection of oven toaster grillers which are made using the most advanced technology along with high grade material for a long-lasting performance. Happy cooking!